Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Oh Baby!!!

I'm very proud to introduce the newest addition-to-be to our family!!! What a sweet little darling- look at the little hands and feet and nose and mouth!! Soooo....the answer we've all been waiting for - is it an Arthur, or a Martha?! We don't know!!! Despite the sonographers' best efforts, this little one's legs remained tightly clamped and Katrina and Andrew had to come away thrilled to bits that everything is going well and their baby is the picture of health, but disappointed that they will not know the sex of their first born until they hold it in their arms at the end of October! I'm gutted too; I was looking forward to either a pink or a blue shopping spree later this week! But at least we all know everything is going well.

Made my Grandpa's card today - which is just about all I did despite having major scrapping plans for the day - how tres moi!! Used some Basic Grey paper, a papermania letter charm, a dymo labeler, some rikrak and leather thong, and stamped and embossed the Chinese symbols in black and copper powder, and topped them with some glossy accents to give them an enameled-beaten-metal look. I'm pleased with the result - it was a tall order as grandpa still has the card I made him for this 80th last year on the mantelpiece as he was so proud of it! Hope he likes this one enough to take the old one down, bless his cotton-nylon mix socks. Just got to get round to either posting it or taking it down there now. He might just be lucky and get it in time for his birthday next year!

Got a bit of a dodgy throat feeling this evening - I've tried to convince Lee it's because he's not attentive enough to my caffeine needs, but he's not getting the hint. Hope it's not going to turn into a full-on throat infection - it would just be terrible if I had to take some sick leave *grin*. I think it's more than likely my body's way of letting me know it needs an early night - and I'm not going to disagree this evening; I'm desperate for the beauty sleep!

Speaking of which, I had this bizarre dream last night that I'd cut the internet leads to the office PC at work by accident, but thinking it would lead to them discovering I use the internet during my shifts at night, I tried to cover it up by staging a scene where it looked as if these sharp lengths of metal had fallen over and seared through them as they fell. Now, I'm dazed and confused at the best of times, and when I awoke this morning, I had this really worried feeling and wasn't sure if it had really happened or not. I think the bit that convinced me it was true was the long metal lengths - I don't know what they are but they really have been lying on the office floor for the last week!

I'd been awake about five minutes, worrying about the whole scenario, when the phone rang. I didn't get to it in time, so dialed 1471, only to hear a number I didn't recognise, but starting with the digits 79, which usually are for Morriston (where I work). Now of course I know my work number for our office, but it's a cable line and so doesn't follow the BT area number pattern (it starts with 31), but the managers' office line in the basement is a BT line and so starts with 79 - I completely panicked and thought that they were phoning because I'd sabotaged the office equipment. It wasn't until I'd had a shower and a strong coffee I realsied it was just a bloomin' dream! I dunno.......I'll be living at the hostel myself before very long at this rate....!

Sweet dreams, my blogeroonies xxx


Di said...

Aww, shame you don't know if you'll be an aunt to a neice or a nephew but fabby news that all is okay.

Your Grandads card is just brill, you never know he might keep both of them on the mantle now. I'm a huge fan of BG. Bought 2 luberly packs last month but I just keep getting them out and stroking them.

xx Nat xx said...

You only stroke the BG Di?! You've still got the licking stage to come yet then.....lol! xx

xx Nat xx said...

You only stroke the BG Di?! You've still got the licking stage to come yet then....lol xxx

Karen said...

I just knew you were mad Nat! your scrapbook must be quite soggy by now with all that stroking and licking! lol *shakes head*

Gone all broody over the scan piccie!!! *gush* Obviuosly a baby that likes their privacy, dont want everyone staring at his/her bits! *grin* Will be a lovely surprise in October, I think its a girl meself! Perhaps he/she was hiding a likkle brother or sister???? *grin* Now that would be a surprise!!! lol