Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Aha! Sweet success - I've managed to upload a photo! Despite trying for hours yesterday and following the "Blogger" "instructions to the T, my pictures just were not appearing, but here we go!! this will be the start of many beautiful things I am sure!!!
So, good evening my bloggeroonies!! Here's a pic to reassure you that Millie is feelin' fine (maybe that should be feline fine?!!) - she managed to precariously perch herself on the radiator for a quick cat nap!! Her paw is still swollen to gigantic proportions, and feels a little hot to me, but she has a check up tomorrow so it will be fully examined then.

Thank 'eavens for this cool day today, actually managed to get some glorious sleep following my three night shifts - it's been near on impossible to get any sleep during the day in the recent sticky heat. Was actually feeling quite smug, as I woke up, pretty dazed and confused, not knowing what day or time it was - but feeling very well-rested. Lee advised me it was 6pm. I was quite pleased thinking I'd had nine delicious hours of much needed beauty sleep, so got up, washed and changed, wandered downstairs to make myself a coffee - and realised it was only 3 o'clock. What a rotten scoundrel!

Got lots of arty-farty stuff planned for this week- need to make a birthday card for my Grandpa (well, seeing his birthday was yesterday!!), and want to do the weekly challenge set on UKScrappers as it's based on "Important Males" this week, and have a fab pic I love of Lee that I snapped in February and have been dying to scrap ever since. Hopefully I'll earn the full points for both my team, the Doodlin' daisies, and for our Green Buttons House. Also got a few other pages on the go, and hope to get some done on Tuesday (providing I have time between chatting and biscuit-munching) as I'm spending some time with my new scrapping buddy, Gemma, that I met at the Swansea Crop last month. She's got an eight week old darling of a little girl -so if I'm lucky I'll get time for some cuddles too!!

'Tis the "big day" tomorrow - and we'll finally be able to see what little bump looks like from the scan picture and if it's a he or a she!!! Out of the eight people closest to my sister, it's five people to three that she's having a girl- only a few hours to go until we get the answer!!! I have this feeling it's going to be a girl you know, and we spent about an hour discussing girly names at my mums' this evening!!!

Well , I'm over and out for now - but at least I've been a good blogger and added a little something I'm sure you'd agree!!
Take care my buddies xxx


~*Gems*~ said...

Aww bless her look at her little leg! And course you can have a little cuddle with Ash when you come on Tuesday! Looking forward to it :o)
Hope you're having a good day! Love ~*Gems*~ x*x*x

Karen said...

Big cuddles and kisses for Millie XOXO bless her! Good luck to your sis, thinking of tell us what the baby is....will start a card/prezzie hunt for her then, lol. you know how long it takes me to get things posted, baby will of been born, gone to school and left home by the time I get my act together! rofl
have fun crafting!! *grin*
Karen xxxxxxxxxxx
Hmm did I hear you mention biscuits?????? *drool*

Di said...

Come on Nat, it's a "need to know" basis - Boy or Girl :-)