Saturday, June 17, 2006

Taken the plunge!

After spending what seems like months eyeing up these blogg-thingys, I've decided to take the plunge and start my own!

I've deliberated over it for one main reason - who the heck would wanna read my random ramblings?! Ok - I guess my mad mate Karen for one - she's like the other half of my melting, slightly sticky, mad-cap two-finger Kitkat of sanity, and she usually enjoys my incessant ramblings and uncanny sense of humour. I think it's all that glorious Cotswold fresh air that does it to her, bless her! And me mum, gawd bless her too - fast approaching the big five-oh with certain trepidation despite our best reassurances, may take the occassional peep to see what's going on in her eldest daughters' wacky world!

How will I make it interesting and encourage people to keep popping back, I thought?! Well, it will be fab if in the first instance they aren't put off by my ever-dodgy typing and bizzare ramblings - but to liven things up a bit I may just have to browse through other blogs, and quote and such-like sites, and pinch and rip-off all the most witty and inspirational snippets, post them on here and pass them off as my own - giving the illusion that I'm a girl of substance, intellect and humour. Hohum!

But the real reason I decided to take the plunge is, as an extension to my love of Scrapbooking, I thought it would be a fantastic way to record my thoughts, musings and day-to-day events to look back upon and perhaps inspire future pages for my scrapbook albums. Hmmmm ......... it doesn't sound so exciting now I've read that back!!

Also thought it would be a good way to whittle away time on my twelve hour night shifts!!! (Eeek - hope me bosses don't stumble across this! [As if they know who I am, anyway!])

Well, it's been a busy old week with one thing or another. The main one thing of course, has been Millie (one of our cats) having broke her leg. And in typical Grant-Wright family tradition, she managed to sustain a complex fracture (her leg was broken in two places), resulting in an open operation and five nights stay full board curtosey of the local veterinary practice. Complications arose when she suffered a fit whilst coming around from the GA, and then her paw swelled up to three times it's usual size resulting in a need for a course of anti-inflammatory injections.

Well, the poor moggy is finally home today, and looks nothing short of a character from the Bride of Frankenstein. She has shaved patches on all her legs (and why is that I'd like to know?), but the fractured leg is shaved right to the shoulder - leaving her look like she's wearing the latest off-the-shoulder designer couture. Then there's the scaffolding and metal bolts protruding from inside her leg, keeping the bone in one piece and straight until it heals - it's pretty horrific if I'm truthful and I'm really nervous about knocking it and ripping her little leg off. It looks like something you'd stumble across in a museum of torture equipment. However, on true form, Millie was clawing to get out of the cage no sooner than we were through the front door, and despite the vets' advice to keep her calm, quiet and on one level (none of which can be associated with this kitty) - she was soon leaping around the lounge on top of the tv, the sofa and trying to get out of the window - everywhere but the sumptuous special bed I had lovingly prepared for her return!

After some food, and making a fine mess of the litter tray we'd had to get especially, she cuddled in for a nap, purring loudly and seemingly glad to be back home.

The other big thing we're looking forward to this week, and I mean HUUUUGE 'cos she's growing bigger by the day, is of course Trina's 20 week scan on Monday - and we'll finally know whether to start trawling the pink or blue aisles in Mothercare! Eeeek - I better start acting responsibly, seeing that by the end of October I'm going to have a niece or nephew to help guide through the minefield of life! Only joking of course - I absolutely can't wait, and Katrina really is the picture of health at the moment (despite her moaning and emotional outbursts!!). She looks so beautiful, and although I've already devoted one scrapbook page to her being "In Bloom" (A UKS cybercrop class by the very talented and BOB winner Karen Leahy, aka Scrapdolly) very early on in her pregnancy, as time draws nearer and she grows bigger and more beautiful I can feel the necessity of another one to record this special time!!

Well I think that's enough of an insight into the weird going-ons in my little life for now - I hope you are not too disturbed to not visit again in the near future.

Take care my friends xx


Cee in SF said...

Congrats on the new blog. I started mine yesterday and I think I've got 5 posts already. I'm doing a brain purge, I guess. Anyway, I love scrapping, too, so I'll be checking back to read your musings.

Di said...

What a brilliant start to your new blog. I didn't realise this blog thingy was going to be so much fun. When I've sussed out how to add a link to my blog you'll be there. I'm loving the whole scrapping thing, only been on it for 6 months but now there's just not enough hours in the day. Your gallery is inspirational and your definately the "Stitching Queen" Yes, we'll make that pact to be regular bloggers :-) xx

Karen The Kit Kat! said...

OH! So Im being compared to a sticky stodgy kit kat am I??? :O rofl of course I love reading your ramblings, your possibly the only person that makes even mad ol' me feel quite normal! *wink*
Shall be back checking up on you regularly young lady, dont want to hear that youve finally signed up for elite membership with the nail man mind!! rofl
Love Ya Lots you mad flower! X
Karen xxx

Little Monkey said...

welcome to bloggerlander Nat x

Jean said...

I found reading your 'diary' fascinating and will visit often.
Sorry about the cat.