Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Double the fun!!!

Yep, it's true my likkle blogeroonies, you actually get double the blogging fun today with two entries - mainly because the one below this, although dated today, was actually yesterday's post which naughty Blogger wouldn't publish!!! Tut tut!

Had a totally scrapilicious day today hanging out with Gem and our crafty bits - it turned into quite a productive afternoon (ahem, in between the jaffacakes and cupcakes that is), with Gem whizzing through nearly three layouts, and myself almost completing two, bar the titles which I still haven't decided upon. Once they are complete I will add them to my slide show for you to have a nose at. Gem's got a really lovely distinct graphic style which I totally loved and feel really inspired by, and managed to pinch one of her fab ideas combining a circle punch and paper weaving for one of my pages. It was right lush it was!!!!
In fact, my afternoon was so successful, and seeing that my usual Tuesday evening TV slobathon has been rudely interrupted by that silly little world cup thing, I might make a start on the UKS "important Male" challenge that I thought I'd have to give a miss due to impending projects.
Came home and found Lee'd finished work early, and the little smacker had only gone and cleaned the cess-pit of a kitchen! What a doll!! And no sooner had I stepped through the door than he suggested we nipped to the local for supper and a swift drink before the footie, to save either of us cooking. Had a lovely mixed grill with the most perfect chiperoonies - all crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Mmmmm!
Ah bliss! So, all in all feeling quite smug this evening!
Hope you've all had as equally good a day my lovelies!


Di said...

Oooh, now that sounds like "my kinda day"

Karen said...

awwww its alright for some!
Crafting,jaffacakes , cupcakes AND supper out (drool chips!!!)
Sticking to YOUR diet then eh Nat!?! lol And there was me holding you as my idol to look up to and inspire me! *giggle*
karen x

xx Nat xx said...

Eh, now when did I say I was going on a diet?! Thought that was your idea!!! xxx