Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A little share........

We've had an external hard drive horror here, and I've lost all my photos from July onwards :( What a nightmare.....but at least everything prior to that (since around 2006) has been saved! Small mercies!

Anyhow, whilst going through what had been saved and reorganising everything, I came across this little page and realised I hadn't blogged it.....
A couple of months back, Helen set a "pinterest inspired" challenge on the Sarahs Cards Blog, and the following pins inspired my page.

The cool aqua and peach/gold tones in the first picture set the tone for my colour scheme, and the stacked map butterflies inspired both the theme for my page and the map embellishments (which were jointly inspired by the third pin). The photo was a silly snap of us singing our hearts out on one of the long journeys to Mr T's parents house.....the first heart is a map of where we started our journey (our house), the second is about mid point, roughly where we took the picture, and the third heart map is of our final destination at the in-laws.

I simply took a screen shot of the locations I needed on Google maps, then opened this in Photoshop and added a warm filter before enhancing the yellows and blues to match my colour scheme a little more closely.

I'm currently working on this months challenge for the blog, and it's going to be a fun one, so keep your eyes peeled over at Sarah's Cards around the 11th :) I also have the February kit to play with, and it's a good one :)

Thanks for stopping by xxx

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