Thursday, February 09, 2012

Hooky hooky!

I'm an inpatient crafter - are you?! I guess that's why I like scrapbooking; in a relatively short space of time you can produce a finished project.

My other hobby requires a bit more staying power to get to the end result. I ventured into the world of crochet with little amigurami creatures, but then moved on to making blankets. Man they take ages! I have two ripples that I cast on about a year ago and are going nowhere fast, and my Sunburst Granny was started before those!

But, the advantage of the granny squares is that although the overall project takes time, the little squares themselves are quite quick to whip up, so in a bid to make some progress I've been pulling out the hooks and wool when ever I can....over a cuppa with my sister or whilst catching up with Eastenders and One Born Every Minute. And very slowly, it's coming together. Still a way to go yet, but the blanket currently measures about a metre by half a metre.

I'm usually a muted/natural tone kinda gal, but I'm loving the bright colours against white!
As you can see, still a long way to go, but it's nice to see it taking shape. 
My current process is to choose three colours, and hook up all the possible combinations with those (you get six different flowers), then add the final round in white to create the square shape.
 Once I have a good variety of colours ready made, I sew some more onto the blanket. I find working in small steps like this is keeping me motivated - seeing the blanket growing makes me want to keep it up. There is no way I could wait to have made all the squares before I started sewing it together........I would have lost interest a long time ago!

Maybe by next winter, we'll have a pretty Sunburst Granny blanket to cwtch up under!!!

Anybody else an avid hooker?! What are you making at the moment? I have an ever-growing crochet board on Pinterest full of things I want to have a go at and colour inspirations for all the blankets I'll never have time to make (or need for!!)....if you need some inspiration feel free to have a look here :)

Thanks for stopping by! xxx


Cathy C said...

Oh it's gorgeous Nat! It's coming along nicely too! I've been a hooker in the past but haven't done anything for a while. I looked at your pinterest board, it's lovely, all so unusual and different, you might have inspired me!!

Claire Crompton said...

Oh I love your granny blanket, I'm completely hooked and am making a ripple blanket. It's very addictive isn't it?

Claire x

Gertie said...

Way to go Nat!
Looking lovely, hurry up and finish it so you can crack on with the ripples cos i wanna see them :-)


Rachael Elliott said...

That is going to be stunning when you finish it Nat! Love the colour combination.

Jenga said...

Lovely blanket. I don't have the patience to hook or knit!

Cheryl said...

Gorgeous, you're so clever, the colours are lovely :)