Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all in blogland! Hope you all had a lovely time of the festive season!

I had a lovely, but very busy Christmas; with Mr T and I frequently shooting back and forth the 35 miles between our houses to keep all the families happy :) He's gone back to work today after having over a fortnight off and I am missing him very much already (bleeeurgh, I know, pass the sick bucket!!!)

Here are some quick festive snaps:
We were good girls and boys in this household! (And then my sister turned up with her presents and it really got crazy in mum's little living room!).....

Mr T and my mum were both obviously sick of the fact that I'm a freezer (and whinge about it too!!) as they both got me one of these snuggly pink slankets!!!
Little Miss:
Me and my best girl ;) She's getting so grown up!
Mr T celebrated his birthday between Christmas and New Year......
And a lovely time was had by all!!

Sarah sent me some lovely items from the gorgeous Fancy Pants Lilac house range (find them here!) to play with, and here's one of the pages I created with it. When I first met Nick he was living and working up in Gloucester. Sunday evenings were precious before he had to head back for the week, so we always tried to get out and take a walk somewhere lovely before he dropped me home and hit the road. It seems like a lifetime ago now although in reality it was just a few months, but it felt important to document.


I'm into folding the petals of punched flowers at the moment and inking them to give them more depth, brings them to life a little more me thinks.

Catch you all soon my lovelies :) xxx


Louise said...

Look at that pile of presents!!! Wowsers!!! I full expect the slanket to make an appearance at the retreat... maybe even whilst you are teaching ;)
Love the LO, especially as I didn't think I like the papers when I saw them, but I'm veryly tempted to go buy them now :o
Happy New Year to you too... hope 2011 sees all your dreams come true

Carol said...

Happy New Year Nat! really hope it brings you all you wish for and more xx

Great layout - totally beautiful.

Must catch up soon xx

Anonymous said...
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