Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Coloured Pencil Love

Since I can remember, I have always, always loved colouring pencils and they way you can build up depth and mix colours with them. I'm Lucky that Mr T has always been creative too, so since meeting him I've got back into things that I hadn't tried for a while. That includes working on these fairy tale story characters......

I wanted them to be quite similar to each other stylistically with wide faces and closed eyes, leaving their costumes and props to give their identity away. Hopefully it worked and you can tell who these girls are supposed to be?!

I'm thinking about Snow White and Goldilocks next.....any suggestions?!

Also thought I'd share a couple of cards....

Mr T and I joined the gym last week and last night was our first proper training's been a while....and needless to say I am ACHING today! Although, it could be the 15 minutes high velocity hula-hooping I did yesterday afternoon on the Wii Fit......turns out I'm a bit of a virtual hula-hooping pro!!!

Hopefully my aches and pains will subdue and I'll be back soon to share some scrapbook pages! Love to ya all xxxx

1 comment:

Rachael said...

Wow Nat those drawings are just stunning I absolutely love little Alice!! Can't wait to see your next little fairy tale, how about rapunzel?
Love your cards too, you are one very talented lady :)