Monday, May 18, 2009


Here's another of the pages I did for Sarah's Card's April Kit.

The journalling reads:

I learned today that you need to have a PhD in physics; a degree in material sciences; an idea of the space/time continuum; various certificates in manual handling AND violence and aggression; a large bag of chocolate buttons and approximately four hours to spare in order to put a two year olds’ hair into Bunches. I am clearly under qualified. 3.4.09

I'd printed the photo onto some canvas, so that was cool to try for a change. Must admit, I'm living rediscovering my dusty old sizzix machine again! The mini date tag, the bookplate, and the flowers were all cut from patterned paper using it.
Other news.......
I handed in my last assignment for this academic year this morning!!! Whoop whoop! Exams in a week and a half and then that's year of my degree over - just one year left until I'm a qualified teacher!
I have been a Chook Mamma for eight days now, and loving it! We have four girlies - one brown who is about a year old, and three black ones who are about three months. They came at a lovely time really, as although we are still heart broken about Rocky, the girls have given us something positive to focus on.
We thought we'd let Ellie name the brown one as she'd be able to recognise that hen easily. When I first asked her she what she'd like to call her, she sang "toodle-loodle-loo-loo-loo-loo-loo-" whilst rubbing her fingers together like you would to call a cat! So I asked her again through tears of laughter, and she just said "looloo", so we decided to go with Loulou while the going was good!
Because the other three are all black, we wanted similar names for them, so we went for Dotty (because she has some brown speckles on her wings), Dora (as in Dora the NON-explorer, because in the first couple of days while everyone else was exploring their new home, she was happy just sitting on her branch!), and finally Dolly, as she is teeny tiny compared to the others and so cute!

They are settling in nicely and the brown one has been kind to us and we've had a few lovely eggs to eat this week. However........we think today that Dora may have come in to lay - fingers crossed!
We are learning lots - certainly getting up first thing in the morning to feed the birds, let them out and poo pick has been an eye opener haha, but no more than I expected! Poo picking in the rain is certainly not fun either - the weather this week has been so horrendous. The coop/run we purchased is too small really, I've since found out that everyone who purchases these models find they are too small, so plans are already underway to extend the area around the coop for the girlies - and it will have a roof and a light out there so at least when I have to go out on dark, cold and wet winter mornings (or Summer mornings at this rate!) I'll have a roof over my head and will be able to see what I'm doing as I poo pick!!!!!!!!!!
Lovely :)
Anyway, 'nuff bout chooks for now!
Hope you are well, catch up soon xxxx

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Cee in SF said...

I'm still sorry about your puppy, but the hens sound like a good distraction. Eggs are a plus. Poop is a minus. It kind of all balances out "in the end."

As always, nice LO!