Sunday, May 10, 2009


Sad times in this family.

Rocky passed away last Wednesday, bless his doggie cotton socks. The old boy had had very good innings and was very loved by many many people, and will be very sadly missed by both mine and Lee's families.

I have to make a photostory video as part of my IT assignment due in next week, so as I was sorting out pictures and captions of Rocky for Lee's sister, I thought I may as well use them for that. I hope nobody thinks that's morbid.

The video brings tears to my eyes (I think it's the song really, it's so emotional), so please don't watch it if you're a big wuss like me lol! However I've tried to celebrate his comedic and quirky character - and I think the last slide really shows what a star he was lol ;)

Love you Rocky boy xxxx


Carol said...

aww Nat enormous HUGS - after the problems we've had with Ty of late I can imagine what you're going tho' xx

Cee in SF said...

He's a sweetie! I know it's hard (believe me!) but he was so lucky to be loved by all of you.

God bless his little doggie soul.