Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Woolly Jumpers

I mentioned in my last post that a group of my sister's friends have been organising several events for charity, including the ladies night. Well, last weekend was their long awaited charity Skydive, and we were all out in force to show our support. My sister's partner was jumping along with his mechanic colleagues, who dubbed themselves the "Woolly Jumpers". This is no mean feat for anyone, however he has never flown before as he is terrified of flying (he once pulled out of a holiday a couple of days before he was meant to leave as he was so worried!), and is petrified of heights.

After spending a whole day at the airport on Saturday white as a sheet and shaking with nerves, and continually psyching himself up for the task ahead, the group was eventually turned away in the late afternoon as the wind conditions were too dangerous to jump. We were unsure whether he'd be able to go through it all again on Sunday, but he truly was brave and by noon he'd made the 12,000ft jump and landed again safely!!
Chocks away!It was amazing to watch, and all the boys (and girls) were fab! If you're on my friends list on Facebook, please go and take a look at all the other photo's I have added to see the enormity of what they did on Sunday morning!

My last day at school was lovely last week. I had a party with the children, complete with games/prizes, party food and party bags (of course!). I was very lucky and had some beautiful cards and gifts, and most importantly big hugs at the end of the day, I will miss them all. But I was brave and didn't cry this year! Will be attending their Easter concert this week, so it will be nice to see them again.

Here's the last of the layouts I did with the Pink Paislee February kit from Sarah's Cards. It was perfect for the Halloween pics of Missy from last October. Speaking of Sarah's Cards, they are organising a retreat for March 2010 - and it's sold out already! Should be an exciting one I think!!!

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Cee in SF said...

I love your scrapbooking style!

BTW, those folks jumping out of the plane are braver than me. How scary, but good for them! I'm secretly jealous.