Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hudson the Hedgehog!

I made this lil dude over New Year; my mum half-inched him and christened him Hudson, so who was I to tear apart their new found bond?! He now keeps The Ellie I made her for Christmas good company :)

He's from the Amigurumi World book that Gems got me for Chrimbo. Fab book!The lil hoggy-fellas in the book had lil plastic mushrooms, being short of those I played about and invented my own crochet ones lol! Ooh I felt right clever with myself - just wished I'd written the pattern down lol!!! Thanks for looking!

Nat xxx


Cee in SF said...

So cute! It's snack-worthy!

Gertie said...

loving the hedgehogs Nat.
Its a great book, still need to do Mrs Cactus!!

Gems said...

Aww how sweet is he?! :o) Glad you like the book chicky xxxx

jay670120 said...

OMG he's soooooooo cute . I love little creatures at the mo and mushrooms lol :D