Friday, February 06, 2009

Giving teaching up..... become an animator lol!!

Well, not really! But thought I'd share this cute lil animation I made in one of my ICT lectures while we learning about one of the animation packages used in schools. Fun fun fun!!!

I just hope it plays properly once it's uploaded :) xxx


Cee in SF said...

The elephant is adorable, but it's not animated - at least for me.

Anonymous said...

Same here, but he's lovely :)
Pat x

Nat said...

lol, Awwww :( A little mouse scurries past her and she gets scared!! Gutted! Tried re-uploading it but it doesn't make a difference! Nevermind! xxx

Gertie said...

Wanted to see it work so most disappointed LOL

Thems slippers on me feet in me snow pics and very comfy they are too if I do say so meself


Gems said...

Aw cutie little elephant :o) Shame it doesn't work! xxx

jay670120 said...

noooo don't give up your day job Nat lol !!! The elephant isn't moving for me either !!!