Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's been a long time coming....! Not this blog update!! After two years of deliberating and being put off by friends, family and even the hairdresser; I've finally had my long, long hair cut into the short graduated bob I've wanted for so long!!

I'd finally plucked up the courage to do it last September, whilst I was in the mood for change before starting uni. I told the hairdresser what I wanted, but she told me that it would not suit me and to stay with long locks!

But a fab new salon and confident, enthusiastic stylist later, and here we are!
I'm really happy with it, although it's taking some getting used to! It is super short at the back!! :)
Scrapping news. Gems, my sister and I were all hankering after the thrills and spills and dedicated scrap time of a retreat, however I certainly didn't have the funds to finance one, so we decided on holding our own overnight shin-dig packed with scrapping, and sugar and fat laden grub to keep energy and creativity levels high! We had a great couple of days, and armed with some pics of my new hair do that Lee had taken, I made two layouts.
The first celebrates my new, long awaited "do", and gave me the chance to use this lovely pearlescent Hambly paper and some black lace, both of which I've been harbouring for ages! In fact, the "bling ring", butterfly button and black suede flower have all been sitting in my stash for at least 18 months, so fab to finally put them to good use. The second page was inspired by a challenge blog (can't for the life of me find it now! doh!), to scrap 10 things you wish to achieve in your lifetime. As you can see - I could only think of 8! Dos that mean that I'm already a fulfilled soul, or just that I'm not very ambitious?!! I can't decide lol! I have now actually remembered another goal, but the pen I used for journalling belongs to Gems so I will have to complete it when we next have a scrapping get together.

I'm into text-print at the moment - got the idea when making little cardboard heart embellies for my sister's birthday present (still have to upload pics of that too!), like the one on here. I needed a book to rip pages from and thought about picking one up at a charity shop - however, it was fortunate (and a bit odd really!) that at the hall where our crop is held, there is a bookcase outside full of old novels for 20p each, you just stick the money in a yoghurt carton. How convenient and barganious for me! Certainly saved me a trip into town to the charity shops anyway! I only hope that none of the Moose Hall members had set their sights on buying this one at their next meeting, cos I snapped it up and have ripped it to pieces already!
Other news, Lee is still awaiting his hospital appointment. He's still off work and has lost 3 stone now in two months! Alright for some eh?! He's been rotten though, wouldn't really wish it on anyone. Fingers crossed he'll be better by our holiday or I'll be jetting off on my lonesome!
Catch you soon xxx


Gems said...

Your hair looks gorgeous girly and really suits you :o) Love the layouts too, yummy! xx

Carol said...

Oh boy Nat! you look so different - but, it looks really lovely it will take an awful lot of time to get used to....I'm forever looking in the mirror thinking who's that?? lolxx

Sorry to hear that Lee's still not well - hugz, Carolxx

Cee in SF said...

The new do is faboo!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look Nat.
Sorry Lee is still poorly


Gertie said...

Nice do Nat really suits ya, wish I had the balls to have mine cut short,then again I hate it short and I hate it long,can't win LOL!!