Friday, May 23, 2008


Knickers indeed! I've broken my camera. I dropped it and it died :(
Quite a tragedy for a scrapbooker don't you think?! Goodness knows when it will be replaced! I've nicked my sister's for a couple of days but she's already nagging for it back, I can't really blame her!

So you can imagine how gutted I was when I went away for the weekend for my Sis in Law's hen night and was unable to take any pics! It was an adult shindig at Butlins, now I'd never been there and had a few preconceived notions about how terrible it would be......but it was bloody brilliant!!

I think I surprised and even impressed Lee's family about how much fun I like to have and how up for a laugh I am; they'd had me down as pretty quiet and even maybe uptight, but I let them see what I was really like! 35 of us went in all, and we had various costumes for different part of the weekend which saw me donning the usual hen-night horns and sashes, a school girl's outfit and a miner's costume (evidence of which I've managed to pinch from Facebook for your perusal), complete with a canary in a cage . Well, actually it was a rubber duck cos I couldn't find anything remotely canary-like, but you get the gist!

I've been a busy bunny with teaching practice - but I am totally and utterly loving it! The kids are amazing and I'm going to miss them when I leave in a few weeks. My lessons are going well and I had a great formal observation from my uni tutor. I'm in the middle of making a mega display - my crafty skills are coming in handy there! Also been on a school trip, and witnessed the carnage that is Primary School Sports Day. I had forgotten how seriously little kids take it - and how they can cry uncontrollably for hours and hours when they don't win their race. Bummer.

It was the Head teacher's birthday today and they asked me to go out with them for a meal which I thought was kind, they've made me feel so welcome. Some of the uni girls are barely spoken too at their schools! We went for Italian, which I love!

I feel like I've not scrapped in an age, but I'm off to a new crop tomorrow which is actually here in good old Swansea! It will be nice to be able to get up and go, rather than having a 45 minute drive ahead of you. Got to get up to the Pontypridd crop soon though, haven't been for a couple of months and missed it, but now we have the cars back I should be able to go :)

Here's something I did last month though, I'd feel rude posting without at least one picture! These papers were weird to work with - they are a bit chaotic and I was unable to mix it with other papers which is my favourite part of creating, but I like the effect, a bit different to my usual.

It's about this rag doll Ellie has; as soon as she saw it she started repeatedly calling it "Judy, Judy, Judy", and stuck with that name. Bit of a strange choice as it's not the type of name that kids usually come out with, and we don't know anyone by that name for her to have picked it up!

Off now to have a late-night nosey around blog land :) xxx

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Anonymous said...

That photo cracks me up - such fun!! :o)

And that layout is gorgeous! Even more so in real life xxx