Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Howdy y'all!!

I really should be planning my lessons for next week but thought I deserved a break, and what better way to spend my time than eating banana on toast and dropping a quick blog update?!

Well, not only is my poor dear Landy finally being fixed as we speak (the part arrived on Monday!), but we made a total u-turn on the decision that we could get by with just one car between us, and went out and got another one. It's blooming lovely too, I'm trying to convince Lee that I should drive it and he can have the Landrover when it's all better! The Megane has got gadget's and gizmo's aplenty (isn't that a line in The Little Mermaid?!) and is just so darn clever, I love it!

I just nipped out in my pyjamas to take a couple of snaps for you, so if my neighbours didn't already think I was a bit barmy I just confirmed it for them. Well, pyjamas are essential kit for lesson planning don't you know?
I spent last Saturday scrapping with Gems again, I tell you what I think we are on a roll! I have made eight pages this month, more than I think I ever have before. So I have lots to upload and share - just wish I had more time really!

Here's a couple I've made over the last few weeks. The first one is of my cousin and I when he visited in February. Quite bright for me, don't you think?!
And this one is of my niece the first time she stayed here overnight on her own with me. I never imagined that the measly layer of chocolate on a digestive biccy would ever make such a mess! Cute though!! She ended us looking like a chocolate clown with it all smeared across her chops and on the tip of her nose! She cracks me up.

Ok, that's it for now, catch up soon with news of how my teaching prac is going! xxx


Chrissie said...

Well look at you with your Megane, swit swoo! That's what I want...I'm having hankerings to sell my Scenic within the next year and I've already decided I like them there Meganes...and lookie you go and get one.

Can you come over so I can have a play?

Cee in SF said...

I've never seen that car, but I love it. It's straight out of a Bond flick! I love the color, too!

jay670120 said...

Lovely L/Os and comical ones with that xxx Well done Nat , Oh love the car x

Carol said...

aww Nat - what a great layout with the choccie!! Love the car too.... hope the teaching practise is going ok - xx