Saturday, March 01, 2008

I hate to moan but........

...well, ok, so anyone who knows me, knows that that is a complete lie! It's not that I do it on purpose, but I am a bit of a whinge bag!

My latest complaint? Not only did I have a throat infection on my actual birthday, but when we had planned to go for a lovely meal with family and friends at my favourite Chinese restaurant yesterday, I had succumbed to the dreaded Novo stomach virus. Bummer (quite literally).

I had the same awful virus in December, on the same day that we were supposed to go to the very same restaurant for my friend's birthday. I swear someone somewhere is conspiring against me going and enjoying the lubberly food there!!

But I do feel much better today, and highly sing the praises of Andrex with added aloe vera. :)

Whilst surfing the net, this week's Pencil Lines sketch grabbed me and I actually scrapped it. I take a peep every week, but, being the totally unorganised minx that I am, I think only once I've ever got it together and actually made a LO based on one.

The sketch was quite close to the style in which I seem to be scrapping at the mo, which is probably why it grabbed me so much. I've noticed that all my pages lately seem to consist of the same things; same type of paper; photo and title in same type of position; same type of embellies (there always seems to be a scrap of lace somewhere!). I'm not sure if it means I've found my "style", or if I'm stuck in a rut!!! But I'm not bothered anyway so it doesn't matter!
I also totally copped out with this title, I needed something short as the alphas were a bit on the large size, and "she" was all I could come up with!! Note to self: Must try harder
One of the new CHA releases that I fell in love with were these embellies from good old American Crafts.I couldn't wait to get my hands on some, so set about riffling through my supplies to see what I could come up with in a similar style. I'm pleased with the result and it was a good way of using up loads of things I'd forgotten about, like the flower shaped button, the brads and the prima flower.

Ok, that's it for now, catch you soon xxx


Gertie said...

Bummer that you haven't eaten at the restaurant yet Nat.

Now missy, wheres the journaling on the layout???? You'll have people moaning that you haven't journaled on it (Smackscrap) PSML.

Gorgeous felt flowers you clever thing,who needs AC when we have NattieG :-D

Cee in SF said...

Are you better yet?? I hope so. BTW, I know I'm late tot he game, but your new banner is s'nice. BTW, the Crop-a-Dile II is getting a real work out. I've been making cards and other crafty projects for work. I'll try to scan some and post them.

Gemma* said...

hey, i see you changed your blog header . . . very cool :)