Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another year older.......

Hmmmm. Well here is a pic of the LO I made at the last Penally crop. It's a pants page, yet it managed to take me all day! The challenge was to use mainly black and red, with a hint of another colour if needed (yep, I really stuck to that one didn't I - cop a load of all that pink!!!); to use 2 pics (OK, so I used the same pic twice, that's not cheating is it?!); and it had to include a heart somewhere. It was debated whether the three tiny rub on hearts I added to the left of the main picture counted (and I still maintain that they did in fact fulfill the brief on their own), however I added a heart-shaped wing to the felt birdie I made to please the strict judges lol!!!!
The picture is of my two best uni buddies, and centres on Vicki's greeting of "Alright bird?" every time she sees us. It has become something of our catchphrase now.

Right - I need your help. Which pic is best, the first one or the one on the easel? I've had enough of flapping about with Sister Vista and the PC from Hell, and was wondering if just taking the pics on an easel gives a better perspective of the overall LO without the need for editing. Not that it's a life or death situation or anything I know, but I would like half decent pics of my work!!! Opinions on a post card please!!!

Last week was a very special week for me! When we were 16, my cousin moved, all alone, to the US before settling in Canada. With our fathers being twins and only two months between us in age, we grew up being very close, and were often mistaken for twins ourselves. Although we kept in touch, I had not seen him since he left the UK, but last week he returned home with his partner for a holiday which give us a chance for a long over due catch up!!!

We went out for a lovely civilised meal on Wednesday, where as Saturday gave us more of a chance to consume some bevvies and let our hair down. Followed by the obligatory curry, of course!It wasn't until looking at the pictures I noticed that Lee and I were perfectly coordinated in green that evening - when the hell does that ever happen?!! Definitely one to be scrapped rofl!!! Just need to find some suitably green-tinged paper from the new CHA releases now!!Well, it was me birthday yesterday, and apart from having a throat infection which meant I had to surrender to my bed by 9pm, I had a lovely day :)
The slight downside to having a birthday is that my house is now full of chocolate which, quite literally, has my name all over it.
Will I succumb to the choco-heaven and abandon my new found love of the gym for the sugary delights now in my possession?
Stay tuned to find out lol!!!

Catch you soon xxx


jay670120 said...

sorry i missed your birthday !!!! Looks like you had a good time. I like the matching green lol

Gemma* said...

hey, sounds like you've been having a good week . . . maybe catch you at the crop next weekend? :)

Di said...

Ha ha, how many times have Tony and I gone out in the same colours, you look like you had a great time.

Right, I'm off now to write you a grovelling apology, I'm completely disgusted with myself because I forgot your birthday.....sorry, sorry, sorry honey! xxx

Cee in SF said...

Belated happy birthday! I'm just getting caught up with the posts. I do like the color coordination and look forward to a super cool greeny LO.