Friday, October 12, 2007

Hidi-ho, neighbours!

It's hard to believe that a whole month has passed since I last posted! Time has flown and I've been a busy little bee! Warning: photo extravaganza to follow!

The whole family went to London and had a fabulous weekend celebrating my aunt and uncle's golden wedding anniversary. We did a spot of shopping on the Friday and popped by Buckingham Palace too. Was a bit surprised to see that Lizzie's nets didn't all match at the front of the house and that quite a few needed a good wash. I guess she can't get the staff these days. Imagine our surprise at standing in the middle of Piccadilly Circus, only to see our home town up in lights! Of course, I then had to stand about for 15 minutes so it would come around again and I could catch it with the camera!The party was absolutely lovely and we all had a great time. Here is the family all together, the Welshies and our English cousins :)Will post more London pics soon.
Of course, I started uni. I bought an institute jumper, which makes it all feel official, even if I do now terrify little old ladies outside the Post Office. Someone saw this pic and asked if I'd been released from Swansea Mental Institution.

They could be right.
We're changing to Swansea Metropolitan University by the end of the academic year though, so that'll clear up any confusion of that manner. And we'll all have to get new hoodies!

I am happy to say I am having an absolute ball on the course! I am loving every minute, even if we do have assignments and deadlines coming at us from every angle already. But I'm rising to the challenge - I spent my day off today in the uni library conducting research! Who'd have thought it eh?!! I'm lucky to have met the most fantastic, dedicated and fun group of girlie's who hit it off all together straight away; I'm in a great, lively class, and our personal tutor is one of the most passionate and inspirational faculty members that we could ask for. So it's all pretty good!

With starting the course came Freshers Fortnight which I found myself indulging in. There were a couple of pub-crawl style nights, and a few fancy-dressed themed evenings which were mayhem in the best possible way! I attended Superheroes night as Super Nat, a Back to The Stone Age night, and a beach party themed night. I'd made the first two costumes myself so was pretty chuffed that they with stood the tests of the nights and didn't fall apart at all!!
Had a fab leaving do with the guys and gals where I used to work. We had a mad-cap night on the town that concluded with us sat in a curry house at four o'clock in the morning, which in itself says it all really! I was rather spoilt with gifts which was really lovely and had a big card which had made it's way around all the dispersed projects and been signed by everyone I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Really touching :)
We also had a great evening meeting up with Di and her husband Tony for a Chinese - an absolutely fab couple...even lovelier in real life than I had expected :)
Lee and I spent last weekend giving my craft room a complete overhaul to make the environment a bit more conducive to study - I'd intended on a lick of paint and a new bookshelf, but a trip to Ikea and after "too much money to even think about" later I find myself with the most gorgeous new work-room a girlie could ask for!! Will have to get some pics and share them soon. the only downside is that I am now faced with the almighty and daunting task of finding a new home for every piece of junk that came out of there :(
So, all in all I have had no time what so ever to indulge in the things in life I enjoy, such as blog-hopping, net-surfing and scrapping, so thought it was about time I put a little of that right this evening with a post. I'm also hoping to drag out a few scrap supplies over the weekend if I can find the time!
So that's my life over the past month in a nutshell! Hope to catch up with some blogs and be back here really soon :)
Hugs xxxxx


Anonymous said...

sounds like you're having loads of fun Nat. Well done on getting through Freshers fortnight. Hope you enjoy the rest of the first year as much

Gemma* said...

sounds like you're having fun - makes my not-so-new-anymore life in cardiff sound positively boring!!! glad you're settling in well, maybe see you at SW crop in november?

Carol said...

Wowie Nat sounds like you've had a really full month. So pleased that the uni course is going well! Loved all the piccies those parties look fun!! xx

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun! Glad you are enjoying the course hun xx

Cee in SF said...

I want to get invited to a super hero party. All the pix look like folks are having a blast.

Hope uni's going well for you!