Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Is it a bird?! Is it a plane?!

Well, I'm currently footloose and fancy free, as work finished up nicely last week. My last shifts went quite well, bar having to make a missing persons report, but having two young good looking men in uniform call out to see you for a while at 2am is never really a bad thing is it?!! I was touched my the cards I received from my colleagues, and even more so by some of the well wishes from the tenants. It was lovely to receive them from the tenants I've been working with for years, but even more heart warming from a couple of new guys that I've not really had the opportunity to know so well.

So that's the end of that chapter in my life. I've made some fantastic friends there, and still have my leaving do to look forward to next week!

This weekend we're off to London for a family party - fab way to spend the last couple of days before I start the course!

Other than that not much has gone on here.

I wasted almost a whole day of my life changing broadband providers. Not an experience I wish to repeat. And as it stands at the moment, if the new service does not greatly improve I'll be trundling back to our old one!! As they say, the grass ain't always greener.

I went blackberry picking last week in the field by our house and made a delicious Crumble for tea. Lee refused to eat any of it as, in his own words, the fruit had come from "outside". Yes Lee, because fruit usually comes cello-packed from a factory.

So I ate it all over a couple of days. Shame that.

Anyway! About the post title! I'm getting ever ready for uni on Monday! We have a whole fortnight of freshers to look forward to, and I've been busy preparing my costumes for some of the fancy dress nights. I've got my first one done, for Superhero night (I typed Superhore first there!!). Being a larger girly, I couldn't find anything suitable to rent or buy (and they cost a bloody fortune anyway), so I've made my own! And while it's not brilliant, it's not bad either, and it's certainly original so I'm hoping it will be a good ice breaker for the evening :)

I decided to go as Super Nat, still a little undecided as to what my powers will be, maybe drinking shots at lightening speed?! Any suggestions welcome!!

I bought the skirt and leggings, but made the tshirt and cape myself - with stitching that would move my old Textiles lecturer to tears of joy I'm sure. It turned out really well I reckon!! All I need to pick up now is a pair of long black gloves that I've seen in a party shop and I'm away :)

Right, I'm off. Next time I post I'll officially be a trainee teacher!!

See you on the other side :)



Anonymous said...

Hae loads of fun at FRESSHERS FORTNIGHT> wow- whenI was at Uni it was Fresher's week. lol

Gemma* said...

cool costume, hope you enjoy yourself!

Anonymous said...

Love the costume SuperNat! :o) It looks awesome - have a fabby time. Hope you enjoyed London?! xxx

Cee in SF said...

It's taking me ages to catch up on my reading when I popped onto your site and saw Super Nat. Love it!!!

You're probably "super" busy to write how it's going, but I know you're doing well. Congrats!!

Jess said...

Hey Nat its Jess (1 of da london lot hehe)
I really enjoyed seeing you last week-end and cant wait to see u and every one else soon... me and mum are already trying to figure out when would be the best time to come down. Any way... send me an e-mail sometime... my e-mail is
hope to hear from you soon send my love 2 every 1 and give da babe a BIG kiss from me love ya loads xxxxxx Jess xxxxxxx

jay670120 said...

Hiya its me Jay670120 (jayne from doodlin daisies) You are definately maaaad LOL !!!!

You have been tagged, please check my blog for details but you dont have to take part if you dont want to! xxx

Jackie said...

loving the costume Nat, very fetching LOL.

Btw, youve been tagged!! see my blog xx

Anonymous said...

Hia Nat. Been too busy at Uni to update your blog? Just thinking about you and wondering how you're getting on

jay670120 said...

see youve been far to busy for anything but if you want to join in ive tagged you again !!!!
ok its a bit naff being tagged but being billy no mates thought i would try you.Dont have to join in you uni students are all play and work no time for tags !!!!