Monday, May 21, 2007

Mysteries of Life

I spent approximately 10 minutes watching daytime tv today - which was enough time to arouse some very deep and meaningful questions which I hope someone out there may be able to answer for me!!

Number 1 - Why does Jackie, of Cleaner Close (of course!), happen to have a supply of Daz washing powder to hand IN HER ATTIC?!!

Number 2 - Why does the girl in the (I think) Garnier advert for their self-tanning moisturiser think we would want a tan like hers?! She seriously looks like someone has dipped her face in orange poster paint and coloured her eyes in blue highlighter pen.

Number 3 is not related to my daytime TV viewing, however still remains one of those unsolved, soul searching mysteries that defy time and space:

Number 3 - Why is it that, when I finally decide that I am definitely going to get my boring, predictable long hair (the same style I've had for around ten years) cut into a nice layered, mid length bob next week, I wake up and find that my hair looks great, possibly the nicest it's looked in ages?!

Answers on a postcard please! Alternatively - let me know what your mysteries of life are!!!



Tina said...

Not sure, but I suffer from no.3 too, so when you find the answer, please let me know? Ta!

Chrissie said...


Now then.

Me being older and wiser, I have learned this great wisdom. And I truly mean this...

The day you look in the mirror and think "Goodness by jingo, my hair is looking really terrific", you know for DAMN SURE that it will need a major cut and blow dry somewhere between 7-14 days after that time.

True story.

Don't know about the Daz...and I don't want to look like Garnier model either. Much.

BUT here's another poser for you (I spotted last week). You know the ad where the lad sticks his head down the sofa, and then puts pants on his head (which I LOVE by the way...hilarious)? Well...WHY is there a pair of spotty (possibly stripy...forget now) pants missing from the mum's laundry basket in the final shot? look. One minute they're there...the next minute, GAWN.

Sack the continuity person... that's what I say. Ha.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you pondering some of life's great mysteries there hun :o) Hehe xxx

Lin said...

My kids think the orange-tanned woman looks like an oompa lumpa (sp?) from charlie and the chocolate factory!

Nat xxx said...

lol Lin - they are SO right!!! xxx

Cee in SF said...

Your hair knows you want to cut it and it's trying to impress you. I just cut my hair and it feels fun and fresh, just like summer. Plus, it always grows back. It's such a fun and easy way to change things up.