Sunday, February 04, 2007

Random Happy Pics #1

As promised, here are some random pictures intended to spread warming feelings through the tummies of all in Blogdom lol!! Well, they make me happy at least :)

The first is of my lubberly handsome bubbah boy Griff, enjoying a bit of this glorious sunshine we've been so lucky to have this weekend. It's usually hard to catch a decent shot of any of the cats unless they are sleeping as they are such wiggly little minxes so I was pleased with this. I feel it's just screaming to be scrapped into a grungy layout with some hand written journalling filling up the white space to the left of the shot. Whadya reckon?! And as for random, you couldn't get more random than this - I accidently released the shutter - but man - look at that lush blue sky!! Spring must be on the way!! If that thought doesn't make you feel happy - what will?!!
Catch ya later xxx


Anonymous said...

Aww pretty kitty! :o) And look at that gorgeous blue sky! xx

Tracie H said...

Love the random piccies Nat....that blue sky is amazing.....Im just lovin the sunshine atm....fingers crossed it lasts for a wee while longer eh?

Tina said...

I can't see the puddy tat piccy?

Love your updated slideshow: brilliant!!

Di said...

Fab idea, posting happy pics. I love your first ones, wasn't the sky just amazingly blue. xx