Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Proof is in The Pudding

Well, ok I REALLY meant weighing, but being in such a skinny slim jim frame of mind I couldn’t resist titling this post in such a manner!

Yes, today is the first official fortnightly weigh day on the Paul McKenna system – where I get to see if this “new way” of approaching eating really works. Well, I can say – oh boy it REALLY does!!! I wish I could add a trumpet sound here ‘cos I’m so darn excited!!

In a fortnight I’ve lost SEVEN pounds!!!!!!!!!!

Without really feeling as if I should have! Without going out of my way or faffing about and concentrating hard on weighing and measuring as with usual diets!! I’ve eaten what I wanted, when I wanted. Just approached it all in a different manner.

During this fortnight I have consumed a McDonalds, a whole Chocolate Orange to myself (hehe), a curly wurly, two bags of crisps (which I might add I don’t even usually have!!!), a sit down curry (that’s the meal out I struggled to get through in one of my previous posts!!), some mini ring donuts, a slice of apple pie, a spotted dick and custard, some marzipan, onion rings, curly fries …………hmmm………trying to recall other little things I’ve had which most “diets” would ban you from!!! And I still managed a loss of about 3.5 lbs per week! How cool is all that?!

Of course – most people who have a lot of weight to loose usually have a big loss in the first couple of weeks of changing their eating habits so I don't expect it to continue to happen at such a rate– but it’s certainly a great start and it’s going to keep me motivated that all this seemingly non-dieting really helps loose weight!

Yay! Way to go me!!!


Chrissie said...

*happy dance, happy dance* YEY!!! We looooooove Paul. Paul is our guru. Let's all pat Paul's balding head in a loving manner.

Nat xxx said...

Hear hear to that!!!

Cee in SF said...

That is so fantastic! Congrats!

~*Gems*~ said...

Well done Nattie hun that is fab! :o)

And re Chrissie's comment: You sure he hasn't brainwashed you guys?!


Di said...

WOO HOO.........Yey well done you girly........good for you.

Well keep it going now Nat (although, agreeing with Gems, I'm rather concerned you're not getting brainwashed LOL)!

Nat xxx said...

Even if it is brainwashing - it's working so i don't care lol!!! :D xxx thanks everyone :)

Gaye said...

YAY! Well done you :)

scraphappy aka sandy said...

THATS BRILL Nats keep up the good work and could you lose a few pounds for me lol