Friday, January 26, 2007

Just thought I'd let you all know....

...that after almost a year of working night shifts - I have succumbed to my body and seem to be almost permanantly nocturnal. I just can not sleep!! The main problem is that I spend half the week trying to stay up all night while at work, and then half the week trying to stay up all day on my days off. And you can bet your bottom dollar that which ever one I'm SUPPOSED to be doing - my body wants do be doing the other.

I went to bed last night at one, and the last time I looked at the clock was 5.15am when my next door neighbour - a taxi driver - came home from work.

Lee's been working nights all this week and last, and it's the first time I've had to sleep in this house alone. Being the dweeby scardey cat I am, that may have contributed to last nights poor sleep me thinks.

There’s also the fact that last night I decided to watch a scary movie. Silly girl!! I used to be really hard to all things scary and gory and want to watch nothing less than the scariest and creepiest films (I put it down to having watched Candy Man at a youngish age - I loved that film and would watch it loads!! If you haven't seen it - DON'T!!!). I don't know why, nowadays I get really creeped out by them and they play on my mind. So, last night I saw The Ring was on TV, and whilst I really really enjoyed when I originally saw it - I also remembered that it really really creeped me out. That Mrs. Morgan brushing her hair in the mirror gives me the heebie-jeebies. I thought twice about watching it - but when it started I soon got sucked in to it.

And I wasn't that scared as I knew what was coming........that was one of the scariest moments when the yucky mouldy girl is about to climb out of the TV and look up at you - my darn electric meter switches off and I'm plunged into darkness and silence!!!!!

It took me about two minutes to unfreeze myself from the usually warm leather of the sofa and get up to turn the meter back on. By then the scariness was long over and the weather was on!

So anyway...........I'm now off to bed and hoping that tonight will be more restful as I'm up early in the morning. my car is due its' MOT and then I'm taking Katrina and Ellie for her first jaunt down the Mumbles. This surely will be the test of time for the Paul McKenna diet - will I be able to resist the lure of Joe's Ice-cream Parlour?! It is impossible to go to Mumbles and not sample the delights of Joes. I love ice-cream anyway - it's one of my biggest downfalls - but this really is the creamiest most delicious ice-cream you could ever taste. I read about a couple once who came all the way over from Canada just to taste it as they'd heard so much about it!! One of our projects at work is actually based right next door to one of their parlours - and I honestly pray to any gods that may be listening that I will NEVER NEVER have to permenantly work there as I seriously don't think my waistline would survive the consequences!

So I will let you know how it goes, as well as how the Paul McKenna thing is working out so far. I keep meaning to blog about it properly but haven't as yet had a chance - I'm seeing some very certain changes already about the way I view food in only six days. I'm loathe to call it a diet cos that’s not really what it is - can anyone think of a more appropriate word........all I can come up with is brainwashing!!!

What ever it is - I hope it does the job!!!


Cee in SF said...

First of all, I saw the Ring with my sis during the afternoon. It still scared me! I can't imagine watching at night with the power going out.

Next, I'd refer to your program as more of a weight loss *system* or I've heard folks refer to soemthing like that as a lifestyle change, but that may be too dramatic.

Anonymous said...

The reason for your sleepless nights is due to the fact you have upset your circadian rhythms! I leanrt all about shift work last year in Psychology. It can be very detrimental to say the least. But I won't lecture you via your blog! I shoulda done it this morning when you were sat in my kitchen.
Such a shame it decided to rain. Ashton said can you bring Rocky down for a walk next week if it is dry please?! :o)
Take care chicky xx

Di said...

EEEeuuuuwww - Scary films, I just DON'T do them, frighten the pants off me. I've seen bits of the Ring from behind a cushion then it just got too much and I had to go and do some crafting LOL!

Hope you get your sleep pattern sorted hun, there is nothing worse than not enough sleep.

Beth said...

Aww Nat lovely, although I've never worked nights, hubby said it is a pig of a thing, (depsite that you get used to it though), but all the same, it does ruin your appetitie and your rhythym, hence why he doesn't do it anymore. Anyway, as for the scary movies, don't blame you for feeling scared, I'm not a big fan of them.....have you ever seen SAW?? Oooby doobies, and Si wants me to watch SAW II!?! fank ooo. Hope you and your sister and Emily had a lovely time at The Mumbles, and that you managed to resist that oh lubby licious icecream. Beth XX

Gaye said...

watched the ring. i found it totally freaky too

working nights are horrid i did them up until April last year and i didnt realise until i stopped doing them how poorly they were making me

keep up the good work with Paul yeap he is definitly changing the way you think about food :)

Tina said...

Aww, I worked nights for 4 years, until last Christmas: it makes eating sensibly a nightmare! Give in and sleep as and when you can!