Monday, January 29, 2007

He CAN make me thin!

I'm now convinced - this *system* (thanks Cee!) WILL make me thin, or at least a more healthy size!

I’m on about day nine of the initial 90-day programme (I say about – that’s because some of my days while working nights can overlap two calendar days so when ticking off the journal I’ve noticed I’m actually behind where I would be if I was “normal” and had a day job lol) – and feeling over whelming changes already!

The system has core points which you strive to fulfil each day; these are based on common sense and pretty easy to meet, and so far the whole thing is slotting nicely into my life style – e.g. I previously had problems with Slimming World while working nights as you’re not supposed to at after 7pm on it. Not good when you’ve got a 12 hour shift ahead of ya!

I used to (ten days ago that is!) be totally preoccupied with food, if I wasn’t already eating I’d be thinking about what my next meal would be….not in a greedy way, but in a kind of worried and stressed out way…maybe some of you can identify with this too or am I totally freaky?! If food was near me, or if I knew of an item in the fridge/cupboard, it would totally play on my mind and irritate me until I went and scoffed, not just part of whatever it was, but all of it….cos if I left any it would just relentlessly irk me in the same nagging way.

I don’t know where any of this has come from – I can assure you we weren’t starved or deprived of food in any way when we were kids, and both my mother and sister having stunning, enviable figures!!

But reading and completing Paul McKenna’s daily journal, sticking to his “rules”, and listening to the trance cd’s everyday is bizarrely having some effect. It’s getting easier to carry out the confidence boosting “visualisations” that help transform you both inside and out, and I'm for once able to make firm goals about what I wish to acchieve.

I no longer think about food until it comes to being hungry and having to make a meal. I feel free!! My eating speed has slowed right down – I’m taking the time to really enjoy every mouthful and truly savour the delicious flavours.

The test came yesterday when Lee and I went out for the day. We had a long walk, and I passed the ice-cream parlour and was not in the LEAST bit interested. Result! We’d already agreed that we’d have a meal out on the way home, and even I was amazed that after half way through my STARTER, I was already satisfied. I managed a few mouths of my main course, but that was it. Even Lee was amazed and proudly took my hand and admitted that in six years he’s never seen me do that. That I’d always been a “lick the last morsel off the plate” kinda girl. Of course, it led to some embarrassing apologies and assurances that the food was indeed delicious when the waiter cleared our plates away – but I felt renewed and confident, knowing that this is the start of a new me!

So I’ve been walking everyday and this week we will be going swimming again now that Lee’s hand is out of bandages – and my first weigh in will be late next week (I think). I have no idea what the scales are going to say – but I’ll be totally honest and say that I’m not really going to mind – fact is I definitely feel that my attitude towards food is changing; old, bad habits are being broken and new, healthy ones taking their place….and I’m confident that I’m on my way to a slimmer, healthier me!!!!!!!!!

Yey me!!!


Caz said...

Well done Nat, keep up the good work.

The pop up background I got came from eBay, and with a £12 courier charge came to £71.99....and they were fast shipping.


Thirteen Pink Ladybirds said...

Good on you, Nat! You are even 'talking' like him. Keep us updated...

Di said...

Ooooh Nat, WELL DONE YOU HUN, I'm so pleased that it's working for you. I can relate to the always thinking food scenerio, I would be obsessed with food when I went on a diet but now I'm more relaxed about the whole thing.

Keep up the good work.

Take care lovely :-)

Anonymous said...

Well done hunny :o) It sounds like you are doing really well. And what is more, is you are sounding lots happier - which makes me smile :o)


Caroline said...

Oh well done Nat! Thats sounds fab - might have a look at his book myself.

Gaye said...

Well done Nat, what he says does make total sense, keep up the great work :)

Beth said...

Wow Nat, this is brilliant. I've got lots of faith in you, I know it's going to be hard, but there has to be truth in it for it to work for others. You can do it girl......see, even I'm sounding like ole Paul 'Kenna, lol!! Beth XX

Tina said...

Yay, go girl! Never mind Paul McKenna: YOU will make you thin!

karen said...

well done nat! I watched pauls programme and was really inspired, really does work so long as you remember his 'rules'! ;)
(I had a short term memory it seems lol)
Glad to be able to leave you comments now, dont feel so much a voyuer on your private life! giggle
stress made me lose all my weight, quickest way to lose a few stone....chuck your fella out and endure the other ex on visits to mutual child! lol *rolls eyes*
Thinking of ya hun, keep positive, good to see your confidence soaring ;)
Big hugs xxxx

Suzie said...

Well done Nat! Sounds like you may have found the thing that works for you! xx

Anonymous said...

Well done Nat, this is something that I can learn from as I totally understand where you are coming from with being totally preoccupied with food. I might have to invest in this book

Cee in SF said...

That is really great! I look forward to hearing more about your progress. Best of luck!!

scraphappy aka sandy said...

best of look with your weight loss first time i have visited your blog will be back to be updated on your progress. love your layouts

Chrissie said...

Well, I updated Bloglines so fingers crossed.

I just ordered the book at long last as well (after watching the whole series on telly). He really speaks to me, that man! LOL But's all psychological with me (and with you too, by the sound of it).

We'll be little stunners walking around Mumbles this summer eh?

AND...what is it he says. Something about "Tough if they think you're rude. Be rude! Leave half your dinner. It doesn't matter!" I'm sure he words it better, but you know what I mean.

Good on ya Nat!