Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas tag!

Gaye tagged me with this lovely seasonal tag - cheers my deary!

Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate: Hmmmm….. hot choccie with lashings og whipped cream and a flake is more readily available in this household, but I did have egg nogg once when I was younger and I do remember iy being rather yummy…..will have to find a recipe!

Coloured lights on the tree/house or white: White. Coloured ones give me nightmares about blow-up santas and tinsel!

Do you hang mistletoe: We did have some plastic stuff my gran gave me somewhere but it’s got lost over the years – and to be honest I don’t really want to give Lee any more encouragement than needed!

When do you put your decorations up: It goes like this: Lee nags from the second week of November. Not until the first of December I say. But I’ll help this year whines Lee. Not until the first I yell. The first arrives – out come the decoration boxes – and Lee scarpers to the pub for the afternoon.

What’s your fave holiday dish (excluding desserts): throughout the year I hate cooked dinners – but I’m magically transformed to a turkey and veg loving monster come Christmas day! You can’t beat Sprouts and Chestnuts and kilted sausages! And apricot stuffing!

What’s your fave Christmas memory as a child: Oh I can’t pick one! I loved opening our stockings in bed with our parents, and the excitement of having to get dressed and ready and have breakfast before opening anything else. And the golf club parties we used to go to where every year Santa would “crash his sleigh” and so we’d watch his make his way across the fare way under the search light with a big ole bag of pressies on his back!! The union party had a REAL sleigh though, and one year I got to ride on it (erm, ok, so I was 14 – who cares?!!!) I just love Christmas – and all my childhood seasonal memories are my favourite! It’s such a magical time of year!

How and when did you learn the truth about Santa: Now this is a real tragic tale. I was about seven or eight, and rumours had started to circulate on the playground that the jolly man in red didn’t exist, and really it was your father. Ever the optimist – I decided to ignore these rumours - after all how could my mum and dad get all those presents down the chimney by THEMSELVES?
So my sister and I sat down, early December, Argos Catalogue in hand, to write our letters to Santa, which usually consisted of every item from the toy department of the catalogue. I remember she was sat on the floor, and I was next to my father on the sofa, when he leaned over to me, nodded towards my sister, and whispered “Nice to see the little ones still believing, isn’t it?”.
Devastation was not the word! My whole little world collapsed and it turned out the rotten rumours were right. I wasn’t ready to know the truth. I spent the next hour crying alone in my room – and nobody ever knew. I should have guessed my father was a rotter then!!!!
Now of course that I'm a sensible adult - I believe again!!

Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve: No – and people who do so should be burned at the stake! If Lee had his way – we’d have opened all our pressies already. He’s dying to tell me what I’ve got!

How do you decorate your Christmas Tree: Well, as said earlier, Lee usually promises to help but either buggers off or stands there looking gormless. The lights are usually tangled, that’s if we’re lucky enough to find them working in the first place, and much swearing, shouting and throwing of objects entails. But then on come the obligatory Christmas tunes – and everything magically comes together beautifully and we stand back and admire MY handiwork.

Snow! Love it or dread it: I Love it – although it does frighten me that we’ll have a really bad lot when I have to work because unfortunately I live within three miles of my base and according to “policy and procedure” I’d be expected to walk there. It’s a really hilly journey!

Can you ice skate: Went once when I was six. Stood on the ice and started to cry and bawl. I had to be lifted off the ice because I wouldn’t move. So I guess the answer is no!

Do you remember your fave gift: Hmmm…..that’s a real toughie and I really can’t answer just one thing!!!

What’s the most important thing about Christmas for you: Being with my lubberly family

What tops your tree: A sparkly beaded wire star.

Which do you prefer, giving or receiving: I think it’s a two-way process – and I enjoy both equally!!

What is your fave Christmas song: Oh I love all the poppy classics like Slade and Wizzard and Shakin Stevens and even Sir Cliff! My favourite CD is a Christmas Gift for You by Phil Spector – they really are the classics on there! I love the carols too!

What’s your fave Christmas story: I had a lovely book from my Nanny when I was little about how the Robin got his Red breast - it was so sweet!

thanks Gaye!
Right, I tag Di - cos I know she loves Christmas as much as I do, and Cee - cos i reckon she secretly loves doing these blog tags!!!


Cee in SF said...

I was reading my regular blogs this a.m. looking for inspiration for a new post and voila! I do secretly love being tagged...

Gaye said...

Great answers Nattie, Merry Chrimbo to you and Lee XX

Tina said...

Aaawww, fancy thinking that Santa didn't exist!!! Glad you have 'seen the light!!

Anonymous said...

Aww lovely answers Nat! :o) Oooh I'm getting all excited now!!!!! :oD

scrapdolly said...

I did this tag too
Loved reading your answers

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