Friday, September 01, 2006

Just a note.....

....mainly to add some of the pics I promised in my last post!

By popular demand, firstly we have a pic of our newest family member....Barry Bear. I can confirm that he is taking to his temporary habitat (i.e. perched atop the fire place) until more permanent accommodation can be sought for him. There was a moment of near-tragedy on arrival when Rocky sniffed the new little dude out - but swift removal to said Mantle Piece avoided any carnage.

Also - here is as promised picture of my latest scrapping find - curtosey of my mum! I spied this great Asda shopping bag whilst visiting her and exclaimed how fabby it would be as a crop bag - and lo and behold - on my next visit she had one for me! They are great - I've got all the extras that won't fit into my Robox but are bulky and awkward to carry in there - my A3 cutting mat, my 12" guillotine and even my expanding 12x12 paper organiser - with room to spare! Fabbo! So that means I should be able to unload my car in one go at the next crop I attend!! If anyone want's one - they are a steal at just 70p at Asda - with 10p going to the Tickled Pink breast caner campaign. What better reason do you need to get one?!!
Also - I had a great crafting night last night with my mum and sister - I'll post again about that though as I want to get some accompanying photos first!
Todays blog prompt on UKS caught my attention:
It’s a colourful world: What’s your favourite colour? What’s your least-liked colour? Do colours have meanings or evoke emotions for you? Do they affect your senses? How has scrapbooking affected your sense of colour… or vice versa? Are you more aware of colour in your environment now?
A pretty short and sweet answer for me today - I love colour - from the brightest and most mood enhancing pinks, yellows and oranges, to the murkiest browns and olive greens - I'd honestly be hard pushed to pick a single colour, or even a group of colours, that I could say were my favourite.
The part of the prompt which interested me most though was about scrapbooking affecting my environment. I must say I have noticed recently that I'm drawn to patterned/printed clothing which previously I would have thought was pretty ghastly. I used to be the lover of all things plain and practical when it came to my wardrobe - but over the past few months I've become more drawn to different items (usually thinking "Mmmm, wouldn't that make a great page/LO/embellishment?"rofl) The picture of myself in my last post is a prime example - the flowery top with it's yellow, orange and green blooms on a beige background would have made me gag before, but when I saw it on the hanger - I was excited by the different colour combinations and the various looks I could therefore achieve with the one piece.
However, whether it's down to my own style evolving through scrapbooking, or the scrapbooking/fashion world mirroring each other more and more - I'm unsure :)
Will catch you all later my blogging buddies :) xxx


Gaye x said...

Hey there he is! welcome Barry bear :)

Great bargin bag, Nat

Anonymous said...

Ooh that is a bargain isn't it?! 70p?!
Aww *waves to Barry Bear*

Anonymous said...

Oh tag by the way!

xx Nat xx said...

*lol* Off to check out the taag Gems :D