Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm on annual leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello my blogeroonies!

Well, Bank Holiday is over, and a busy weekend it was too!

I've been looking recently for an exercise machine, the Tony Little Gazelle Glider, in my latest bid to get fit and loose some of the hundreds of extra pounds I'm carrying about. My mum's got one - and after several goes on it I was convinced that it would be something I'd use regulary and make good use of (unlike the numerous other machines we've splashed out on and then got rid of after months of them gathering dust or doubling up as clothes horses). She'd bought hers from a shopping channel and paid around £100 plus the post and packing.

I'd finally saved enough money to get one, sat down at the pc to order it, only to find that that particular offer no longer exists, and the cheapest I could find a similar model (but with the amazing added bonus of........wait for it......a water bottle) was £159.99 plus p&p!!! Slightly deflated, I thought to have a quick scour to see how much roughly they were going for on ebay- and lo and behold there was an auction for one 45 minutes away, in Barry, near Cardiff ending in 24 hours......so I got bidding away and I won it for £41!! Bargain!

So we went to collect it yesterday afternoon! It had only been used a couple of times - and the instruction video that accompanied it was still in its' shrink wrap, so it really was a great buy! Lee and I spent yesterday evening having turns on it - and it really is good fun!! I'll keep you updated on how I get on with it!!!!

As we had to drive up to Barry to collect it after 5pm, we headed up a little earlier and stopped by Barry Island for a look around first. It's a typical seaside entertainment resort - with lots of Amusements, a mini theme park, ice-cream parlours, fish and chip stalls, and little shops selling rock, postcards, bucket & spades, dinghies and all the other paraphernalia you expect to see in such a place. To be honest, it's not really my sort of thing, but Lee loves those places, and had a whale of a time winning me a blue flannel teddy on the amusements, who we quite fittingly named Barry. Of course I had to carry the thing around like a berk then for the rest of the afternoon, but never mind! I did have a pic of Barry kicking back and enjoying the sunshine on the beach, but Blogger took a dislike to him and won't let me upload it........ maybe I'll try tomorrow (now there's something exciting for you all to look forward too!!!)

But here are some photos of the afternoon anyway......one of myself, slurping on a slush puppy looking rather blown about (although sunny, it wasn't half breezy on that promenade - and yes, that really was the best photo of me!!!!) And here's Lee enjoying his smelly cockles! Just look at that face!! Yuck! I couldn't even stand near the sea-food stall as it stank so bad. I was brave and tried one of the cockles though. I tried them as a child and remember liking them, but ever since whenever I've tried them they have been repulsive. And yesterday this was again confirmed. Slimy, fishy yuckiness. Never again I swear :)

And just look at this cheeky little fella! You have to click on the picture to see the full size version to see how cute he is! We were sat having a naughty McDonalds with the car windows open, when we had the shock of our lives when this little birdie came and perched himself on the mirror in the hope of a spare french fry winging its way to him! Lee jumped out of his skin and i only wish my camera had been pointed at this face to capture the moment - it was hilarious! At one point - the little thing was taking scraps right out of Lee's hand - so sweet!

Blog Prompt:
Today’s UKS blog prompt is about your top five pet peeves, so here are mine *lol*

1. The fact that my sister has less than nine weeks until she gives birth to her first child, yet her fiancé and herself are unable to obtain any social housing until goodness knows when, despite there being hundreds of empty properties sitting here wasting the tax payers money.

2. The fact that there are so many people out there who cheat the benefits system and get away with it, and those who could really benefit from some or more help are turned away/not entitled to it

Oooh errr….quite political with those two there………next!!!

3. The fact that older people (not all I hasten to add) seem to think the younger generations are all rude and lack manners and are general hooligans. Yet, why is it then, where as I always move out of the way for old people, hold the doors open for them, say please, thank you and generally be as obliging as possible, when the tables are turned and, for example, say an older person has parked their trolley across the aisle in Tesco (which I think is rude and inconsiderate of others in the first place), when I politely ask if I can get passed with my own trolley, they tut and fuss and make a big deal as if I’ve asked them to dig a 10ft hole with a couple of cocktail sticks. You often find that the same said Aisle Hoggers then jump in front of you in the till queue, apparently oblivious to you, and the other 20 shoppers behind you, already patently waiting to be served.

4. Whilst driving, people who pull out quickly in front of you (when there’s nothing behind you and they could have waited three more seconds anyway), only to dawdle along at 5mph, or then take the next turning off. Hurumph!!!

5. Animal and child neglect cruelty. It drives me mad and is so upsetting. In this civilised day and age it is not called for. Enough said.

Hohehaw – so those are my thoughts anyway!

Well, my plans for this evening are to try and move on with that beach LO that I've been stuck on, so hopefully will be back tomorrow with a completed picture of that, plus I've got a little bargain storage item to show off too!!!!

Catch up with you tomorrow my lovelies! xxxx


Gaye x said...

Crikey that exercise machine looks painful LOL :P i too had a exercise machine that made an excellent clothes horse :D
I went to Barry Island once for a week with a couple of friends when i was about 17 was a right laugh will look forward to meet 'Barry'
Great photos too, Nat
I hope your mojo returns soon as i hope that mine does, i think you could be right RE: time of year :)

~*Gems*~ said...

I'm with Gaye on that one! Good clothes horse and all that. But you really should have mentioned it before buying one. I have one down in the basement (bedroom) which is just sat there doing nothing!
Those piccies are lovely - you look lucious and windswept! :o)
My mojo has returned and I have completed two layouts since Saturday! Yay! :o)
Speak to you soon hun, love ~*Gems*~ xx

Di said...

Oops, called it an exercise BIKE on UKS, it's nothing like that is it GULP!!
I've never been to Barry Island, it sounds great there. Your pics look fab, looking forward to seeing a pic of Barry when Blogger gets its act together.
Cockles, eeuuwwww, I'm with you there hun!

Cee in SF said...

More power to you and anyone who can navigate, target, and get what you want from e-bay. Sounds like you got a great deal!!

I would have had a heart attack if that bird showed up at my window. I'm getting anxious just thinking about it.

Chrissie said...

If you hate WOBs (Wrinkly Old Bats) then you have to read Fiona's blog (which she hasn't updated for AAAAAAGES but it has THE FUNNIEST post about her run-in with a couple of WOBs in the supermarket. It's pee-yourself funny, so get the Tena Lady ready...

http://www.fiona-iscrap.blogspot.com - entry of 19 April.

Oh, and I'm with Cee there...would have DIED if a bird had come that close to me. Danny and I were sat in our car down Caversham Prom a few years ago (next to the River Thames) eating a burger in the car, at dusk, when all of a sudden I became aware of something just outside the window and as I turned to look 'IT' banged hard on the window. It was a fetchin' SWAN! I about DIED...I jumped out of my skin.