Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I believe in fairies!!

The chocolate fairy that is!!

As you all know by now - Tuesday night is TV-fest night in this house - and no TV fest would be complete without a complementary bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk. And last night was no different. I sucked on each piece of silky, succulent chocolate through the evening until the very last piece has been devoured in lip smacking style!

However, when I went downstairs this morning - the chocolate wrapper was still next to the sofa where I'd been curled up all evening - complete with two further squares of chocolate!!!
What a fab surprise - they only explanation I have is that a chocolate fairy must have visited and left them there for me because two squares of choc would NEVER escape my attention, however gripping Lost, Big Brother and Holby City may be!! Needless to say - said squares of choccie were immediately shoved into my cavernous gob and devoured almost whole - just in case someone called around laying claim to the delicious treat!!

So in celebration of this wondrous miracle, and because I haven't got anything else to share with you, please enjoy these wonderfully colourful gratuitous photos of the thousands of paint chips now in my possession!!


Gaye x said...

ROFLMAO omg! all those paint chips!

Its was most defiantely the fairies, Nat, there is no way you would have left two chunks, i know i wouldnt have! Bless 'em hope you remembered to thank them by bury something in the garden for them in return :)

Cee in SF said...

Chocolate fairies!? I knew they were real! If chocolate fairies exist, logic dictates that there must also be donut fairies and cookie fairies. Just delightful!

~*Gems*~ said...

I don't think the chocolate fairies visit my house! :o( More like the chocolate demons! I often think there should be chocolate left, yet when I go to retrieve it, it's gone! So yup definately chocolate demons!
Hehe what's Lee like?!
~*Gems*~ xx

Di said...

I can't believe Lee walked out of the shop with all those paint chips, hahahahaha just brilliant.

Hmmm Chocolate fairies, in our house we always look out for the peanut fairies (we're not keen on choc, weird I know) but we love peanuts, yum, yum. Note to self, I really must count how many I can cram in my mouth in one go whilst still being able to chew!

Chrissie said...

Oh my goodness gracious to heavens above! I cannot believe he managed to leave the shop with all of those!! ROFL!!!!!! for your mysterious chocolate...go take a look at the last post on Debbie's blog. PERHAPS THE TWO INCIDENTS ARE LINKED (there's a link to her blog on my blog)


Deborah Duck said...

Mmm - I think I'd prefer to have your chocolate fairy than my poking bogeyman. And what on earth are you planning to do with all those chips?