Friday, April 27, 2012

Hooky Hearts and Doilies

Goodness, it's been an age since I blogged last (well, a month - but that's long enough!).

It's been a funny old month really - I caught a truly nasty bout of tonsilitis, even my GP was surprised by how bad it was. It took two weeks to shift even with antibiotics, and as a result Mr T and I had to miss out on a fun week in Somerset with both of our families as I was just too ill to go. The daily shift from bed down to the sofa was reall all I could manage! Still, all better now - and 10lb lighter for not being able to eat for over a week!

Haven't shared any hooky business in a while so thought I would today.

I found a cute little pattern for tiny hearts agess ago and (before Christmas - these pics have been patiently waiting to be blogged for a long time!) really enjoyed using it to whip up some garlands, although to keep with my style I chose to thread them onto twine rather than crochet a chain inbetween them.
Here they are strung along our Welsh dresser:

I also made a string in red as a little heart-felt present for a very good friend who got engaged (gosh this was September so it really was ages ago that I made these!):

Very cute and fun to do!

My latest project was a doily blanket - it is the first pattern I have ever purchased (see here for the details), so I was excited to get going on it. It only took a few evenings - athough, overly keen to get it finished last week, I managed to give myself some ort of extreme-crocheting injury on the last evening; my upper arm, elbow and shoulder were in agony and I needed to take pinkillers and a good lashing of deep heat before bed! Who knew this could be such a dangerous hobby?!

Anyway, I love the finished article - it's so delicate and pretty:
It's actually for the sofa (but that part of the living room looked too dark and untidy for a photo - shhhhhh!!), and it looks fab along the back. Very oldie worldie - love it!

Here's a close up of the leaf motif:
It was a fun and easy project - I kept expecting to go wrong but here it is, finished without and major frogging required! Yay!

I do believe the April Sarah's Cards kits are making it through the letterboxes os our subscribers, and what a gorgeous one this was to play with. Will be back soon to share what I made with it :)

Thanks as always for popping by xxx


Helen said...

I've tried and failed to be able to do anything with needles or hooks so have lots of admiration for anyone who can. Cute hearts. They'd go down well at craft fairs :)

Jenga said...

I love those hearts :) Like Helen I'm a no needle kind of gal! xxx

Rachael Elliott said...

Glad you are feeling better now Nat, 2 weeks is no joke! Love the heart bunting and it looks really great on your dresser. Lovely throw too, beautiful!

beksynormz said...

Ooh those hearts are gorgeous! Thanks for your blog comments, I'm from Bristol so not far from South Wales! xxx