Saturday, January 07, 2012

Fizzle fizzle...

Well my New Year resolution has so far got off with a fizzle rather than a bang...all thanks to a rather spectacular bout of the flu....I started feeling unwell on New Years day but it gradually got worse until I spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in bed. I am up today (well, on the couch under a blanket, rather than in bed sleeping!), my temperature is a bit more stable, and I'm not in so much pain (I swear somebody had filled my bones with a mixture of lead and firecrackers that exploded whenever I tried to move!), and I hope the chest and head cold symptoms will bugger off pretty soon too.

Cos as soon as they do, I can crack on with getting fit. Here's my new little friend who will help keep an eye on me, my Mii, Tubbs!!
Ain't she purrrdy, if a lil bit more than lardy round the middle?! ;)

Which reminds me of one of the pages I created with the December Sarah's Cards kit. I decided to use a photo that I like of a time when I had achieved success before as a source for motivation and inspiration for my new quest - I think I'd lost just over three stone at this point and felt really good. I also have some right humdingers of me at my absolute heaviest too- but it's all about positive mental attitude and moving forward isn't it?! Plus....if I scrapped those I'd have to share them with you lol, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone ;)
Mr T has been a little angel looking after me this week bless him....I am lucky to have him you know :) Here's a page I made documenting "our story" with the same kit:
He turned 30 last week too, proper ole boy he is now! If he wasn't so good to me I'd have to consider trading him in for a younger model ;)
Catch you all soon xxx


Rachael Elliott said...

Hey Nat, hope you start to feel better soon it sounds like you have had a really nasty bout :( Thank goodness for Mr T and at 30 he is still a baby Nat!!
Loving your pages, that paper range is gorgeous isn't it. That photo of you is lovely.
Not long til March, I am so excited about the weekend!
I love family traditions, they sit on our bed on their birthdays too.
Take it easy and see you in March

Jenga said...

Gorgeous pages Nat. Your wii mii is so glam :) xxx