Monday, October 03, 2011

Clickety Click!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a massive passion for photography - it was one of the things that brought Mr T and I together, so is a very important part in our lives. Sadly and frustratingly I have less and less time to get my camera out and go on a snapping session, which is having an impact on my scrapbooking (and blogging) as I have less pictures to play with.

So, I am trying more and more to make use of my phone more to grab shots of the everyday....I've downloaded a few little apps and my favourite at the moment is one called "fxcamera" which turns out some cute little polaroid shots :)

It also has a lomo effect lens

and a fish eye lens

all in the one little app. Very handy! I've discovered that they print very nicely too, complete with the polaroid border - so I'm hoping this will help my scrapbooking and recording my daily life here much easier. All I need now is for Google to make a decent blogging app for Android and I'll be away!!!

Anyway, I digress......Mr T and I had a little waltz though Porthcawl last weekend, it's a completely tacky seaside village complete with a decrepit fairground, but there's always something to see and it's become one of our favourite places for a quick Sunday evening walk, harking back from the days when we'd spend our last hours together on a Sunday strolling along the coast before he had to go back to Gloucester for the week. Awww so glad those days are over - I hated Sunday goodbyes!!

So let me introduce you to an item that I'd like to call "Porthcawl in Polaroids" ;).......Grab your Kiss Me Quick hearts and take a stroll with me.......
 Elvis ain't dead....he's living in a motor home down Porthcawl....
 Surf's up!
 There's always some shiny motor mo cycles on display!
 Sweetie stalls......

 The fairground...

 Is this the only remaining Wimpy in the world?!!!!!!!
 The obligatory "win a gold fish" stand. To save the winner all the hassle, I think this one was already dead.
Elvis t-shirts. I should point out that it was Elvis Convention weekend. Elvis was everywhere. Check out the tshirt in the bottom right corner....either the wind was blowing the cotton fabric in an amusing manner, or this rare high quality made in China garment commemorates Elvis' little known stint as Frankensteins' Monster.
 Claw of death. No thank you!

 Me and the T Boy soaking up the sights and sounds!

 I should also point out, before Bridgend County tourist board sues me, that Porthcawl also has a pretty little harbour and a beautiful beach calle Rest Bay a little further's not all Kiss Me Quick and sticks of rock :)
 Thanks for looking!! xxx


Jenga said...

Have you down;oaded "Camera+" - I like that app for cute mobile pics :)

Louise said...

Love the poloroid post. I've got the 'camera bag' app, which has loads of different filters to use.I think it was a cheapie app too.
Can't wait to see some of these pics scrapped :)