Monday, September 05, 2011

It's September!!

Woah, I can't believe that it's September......Autumn is most definitely on it's way and before we know it Christmas will be here. I love this time of year though, I'm such a cuddle-up-indoors-all-snugg Winter Bunny :) It also hails the start of a new school year - wonder how much work I'll get this year and if I'll be lucky enough to get a long-term supply gig.....or by some miracle a permanent teaching job!! Doubtful though. It also heralds the start of my "Class of '98" school chums turning the big three-oh....eeek! At least I'm just 29 and a half for the moment ;)

Mr T and I had an awesome weekend to top off our Summer though! I bought tickets to go to a small Welsh festival a few months back, and we headed off there on Saturday. It was absolutely awesome (cue dodgy mobile phone pics)! Lots of exciting new bands were banging out their tunes, plus headlining were Cast

and Ocean Colour Scene

- one of my all time favourite bands and the main reason I got the tickets. Goldie Looking Chain were also there and as hilarious as ever, they were fab to watch. OCS absolutely ROCKED, and somehow we found ourselves in the front row, centre stage which was beyond awesome.

It was actually really emotional at some points......they played my fave song, Blown Away, and Simon Fowler choked up and broke into tears on the final chorus. What a moment! I was well chuffed they played that one as they didn't do it when I last saw them. Being bang centre of the front show, we made loads of eye contact, and he threw his plectrum at ME (whooop!) at the end of the show, and like a total girl I managed to drop the bloody thing and as we were so tightly packed against the crash barrier there was no way of recovering it, but Nicky caught one of Oscar Harrison's drum sticks so we came away totally buzzing :D
I can play the guitar a bit....if I had been born a man I totally would have been in a band and lived rock n roll lifestyle!! I'll just have to stick to singing along to Mr T's geeeeetar playing, dodgy karaoke and Sing Star!! ;)

I've got a load of Scrapbook stuff to share, so will schedule a couple of posts to get them up here...pop back soon to see what I've been up to :)

Thanks as always for popping by,
Nat xxx


Gems said...

Sounds and looks like you had a fab time lovely :) xx

Rachael Elliott said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Your photos are fab especially the last one lol. xxx

Jenga said...

Fab piccy of you hun - FAB lol

I love GLC - so funny ;)

Ifa said...

You can still be in a band even if you weren't a man ? I can play the piano but I will never be a pianist.