Thursday, June 02, 2011

So excited.....

About so many things right now.........

Firstly, did you check out the new style Sarah's Cards blog yesterday? The fabby Lou has kicked us off in her arty inky style with a fab tutorial into creating your own background papers - perfect for jazzing up older stash with fab new mists, stamps and paints. Fun fun fun! Stay tuned one of us bring you a new project or tutorial every few days, with challenges, give aways and offers thrown in the mix too!

Speaking of offers, there's a new subscriber offer on Sarah's kits too - new subscribers can bag themselves an American Crafts album for their trouble......see here for the full details :) Go! Go!

Mainly I'm excited about living in our new pad and all the projects I have in mind for this place! Nicky and I are both quite creative - or at least enjoy trying to be!! - and having both spent out fortunes for shop bought furniture and trinkets in the past, we have decided that this time round we want to build treasures together, making things from scratch or turning old drab items into fab :) So excited about this!

Our first project is some bedroom furniture. We have a gorgeous, ornate cream wardrobe that we love, (darn I should have got a picture), so we set about looking for some chest of drawers that could potentially match it. I stumbled across these beauties on ebay....(pic stolen from ebay lol!)

I loved the shaped backs and the we snapped them up amidst a vicious bidding war - they are really lovely solid pieces - and have set to the long process of sanding - priming - sanding - priming - sanding - painting - sanding - painting........zzzzzzzz.......... so far the bedside tables look like this...we've a way to go yet!!!

I've also been on the look out for a lovely Welsh dresser, but have been pipped to the post on everything I'd bid imagine my delight when I found the PERFECT unit in a charity shop yesterday!!! I have just minutes ago taken proud delivery of it..........can't wait to start renovating it, so excited!!!

Twenty five bargainous pounds that cost me!! 25!!  I am so chuffed with it as it fits perfectly in the space! And I can feel good about helping the British Heart Foundation too ;)

Got lots of other projects on the go too, mainly down to Pinterest and finding loads of inspiration for things I never knew I NEED to do on there.....I'm awake at night thinking of all the pretty things I've seen on there that I can do myself!

First up is this little arrangement of hearts in a bottle.....

So quick and easy to do, and perfect for using up paper scraps :) Here's my take on it:

 I spied this and fell in love.....

and made a start on it last night - I absolutely loved sewing it and didn't want to put it down to go to bed, can't wait to pick it up again and get it finished! I'm using beige and olive tones to compliment what will be our living room colour scheme!!
Something else on pinterest that caught my eye was this....

which I thought would be cute garlands strung down the centre of our plain cream curtains....found a gorgeous pattern on Ravelry and have started these, they are really quick and fun to whip up:

Also working on a cute baby blanket for Mr T's sister, it will be a gift for her's a nice pattern but it's very slow! You can't see it in the pic but the wool she chose has a soft silver thread through it, very cute.
Here's the pic of it that accompanies the pattern on Ravelry - love it in that colour, gorgeous!
I'm still working on the granny throw too - trying to work systematically to make sure I use all the colourways I like!! My latest batch was using shades of purple.....
On the topic of throws, I stocked up on these yesterday to start (hahaha when I get some time you see!!) a ripple throw for the sofas
.....excited about getting going on that but I think it's going to be another monumental project -I'm wondering if I can do it in smaller sections and then add them together when done as it's going to weight a ton on my lap when working on it!

And I'm also beavering away on the latest Sarah's cards kit and my first blog post for the new blog.......there really are not enough hours in the day!! If  what they say about rest for the wicked is true I must be a naughty gal ;) ;) Loving it though - so full of things I want to do right now to cosy up our home and make it all pretty!

Kittens are settling in well - although Tootsie is a proper mean madam and although she finds the litter tray for number two's she seems to be struggling with the concept that it can also be used for wees too, preferring my slippers and shoes to vacate her bladder in. Sadly, Treacle, aka Grumpy Queen cat, has not been home since last Friday :( She's 10 years old and I am very reluctant to say she's strayed because of the kittens as it's not in her character to be so put out to wander off: she's "put up with" three other cats, litters of kittens, two dogs and four chickens in the past, as well as babies and toddlers. I have a very sad feeling that something has happened to her, nobody has seen nor heard of her though so I still am in hope she may return from her walkabout. Miss you Treacs :( xxx

Thanks for stopping by! xxx


Jen said...

my list of projects is somewhat similarly huge lol! I also have several on the go all at once! Are we crazy? Yes, but it'll be worth it!
ps. our living room is also green and neutrals - good choice :)

Cathy C said...

Omg Nat you're a busy busy bee!! Love your idea of doing it all yourselves for your new home, it's so much nicer than the shop bought stuff and so much more rewardable!!
Love your hearts and birdies, they're so cute!
Hope treacle returns home soon, x x x

Rachael Elliott said...

Aw Nat I hope Treacle does return :(
Gorgeous projects, love those hearts in a jar might have to have a go at that. Can't believe how busy you have been!! Fab projects can't wait to see them all finished.

Carol said...

Hiya girlie

Firstly big hugz I really hope that trec's is on her way home...perhaps she's got locked in somewhere? but, I suspect you've checked....

Fabby furniture, your bedside cabinets are FAB! can't wait to see wht else you come up with.

Take care and thinking of you xx

Gemma* said...

Love the hearts in a bottle . . . Another project to add to my list :)

Gems said...

Really hope Treacs does make her way home Nat :(

Loving all your homely projects. Those hearts in a bottle look so effective. Beautiful! xxx

Sarah said...

Hoping Treacle is just in a huff and will plod on home soon. Loving the welsh dresser - we paid 3 times that much at our local hospice shop - it's still waiting to be painted but they are beautiful pieces of furniture, aren't they? Bedroom furniture is looking good xx

Kathy said...

What a fab post! So many things to see and bargains too!

I'll be popping back to see what you do with your furniture bargains!