Sunday, May 22, 2011

Introducing......... Dexter & Tootsie!!!!!!!!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaah! Aren't they just too cute?!?!

 Mum saw the advert for kittens looking for a good home in work, so Mr T and I went to look at them one evening this week. We knew that one was black, and the other black and white, so in the car we discussed how we'd probably take the black and white one as we already have Treacle, my nine year old black cat.

So we got there, and had cuddles and I could see Nicky mouthing something at me....I was like "What? What?!".......and he was whispering "Let's take both!".............awwww :)

And good thing we did too.........look at how this lovely little brother and sister sleep.....imagine separating them!!
The black one is the little boy, named Dexter after one of Mr T's fave tv shows. I struggled with naming mine, until I realised that although she had four white paws - she had just ONE black toe! So Tootsie seemed both appropriate and unbelievably cute :)

Dexter really relies on his sister, he's quite shy whilst she's just bonkers! If he's exploring and suddenly realises he's on his own, he cries and cries until she comes to him. He stops immediately, and she lifts her paw onto him as if to say "It's ok bro, I'm here". Awwwww!

Poor Treacle isn't taking the new family members too well though! They just run up to her and want to play, and she greets that with hisses and growls. She's not a happy bunny! She'll get used to them.

Which reminds me of one of the pages I made with last months Sarah's Cards Kit, about Treacle and my niece and the affection she's developing for the cat.
The Echo Park "For the Record" papers were lush, and I loved all the little embellies in the kit, like the chipboard labels, which I stamped and then stuck alphas onto for my journalling.

Right, I'm off for some kitty cuddles....perfect way to spend a windy Sunday Morning xxxx


Penny aka Pennyk said...

They are just the sweetest likkle things ever- I'm a sucker for kitties too I got 5 now! Lovin' the names. Dont think Treacle will ever get used to to them my older cat hates all the youngsters she has so much venom for them all LOL.

Carol said...

awww Nat they are just adorable I want some!! lolxx Glad to hear that you've settled into the new home well xx

Rachael Elliott said...

Aw Nat they are just adorable!! Love the names and I am sure Treacle will soon learn to tolerate them.
Gorgeous page as always, love all the little details.

Cathy C said...

Aw they are soooooooo cute Nat!! I too love their names and I'm sure we'll see them a lot in your pages!

Love your layout, the colours and details are just fab!

kjjc said...

oh my goodness those kittens are so cute. I love cats b

Gemma* said...

Cuties :)

Louise said...

Even I think they are cute and I'm not a cat person at all. Love the names too.
Fab LO too, so much to look at

Jen said...

oh they are so cute!