Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Birds ;)

Being a generally busy girl, it means that when I scrap I usually find myself working on projects with the wonderful kits for Sarah's Cards, so it was nice to find some time to sit and create a page purely for myself, using my own stash.....I must admit my box of long-neglected purchases was a bit dusty and I'd forgotten what I had in there!!.....

But anyway, in celebration of being all lovey dovey and Valentinesy, here's what I created. Seriously, who knew I had so many birdie themed items - but they provided good inspiration for the title!

I don't tend to use plain cardstock as a background for my pages, but couldn't resist the urge to play with a bit of misting!


I love that Mr T and I share the same initials - sad isn't it?!!!!
If we ever get married (and geeeeez I hope he's not reading this and thinks that's a hint!!!!!), my initials will cool is that?! It's an improvement on my current (but amusing) NAG!



I created the bling swirl using my Bejeweller and three different colours of took bloomin' ages lemme tell ya!

Happy Valentines day to you all, whoever you are sharing it with xxxxx


Rachael said...

Gorgeous page Nat! Lovely photo too :)

Gems said...

Tis a gorgeous page my lovely :o) xx