Friday, April 16, 2010

Sunshine at my window ;)

Woo, finally some warm and very welcome sunshine. I think the long over due start to spring may very well have just sprung. Yay!

It's the end of the Easter holidays and just when many people should be returning from their holidays an Icelandic volcanic eruption brings our skies to a standstill! My poor friend is meant to be returning home from New Zealand this weekend so I hope she is not stranded! Hope nobody has any friends or family stuck in an airport anywhere - it must be miserable! Louis Theroux was on tele tonight and made me laugh, he said something along the lines of: what is it with Iceland? First our banks, and now our airlines?

Thought I'd share a couple of pages from last year, just to dispel the rumours that I'd stopped scrapping lol.... These were made using the Christmas kit for Sarah's Cards. As much as I love Christmas, I find that I don't scrap it very often, so it was nice to see that the kit was versatile enough to do some completely non-seasonal pages.
The first page is of my niece's first day at school, I cant believe that she's in nursery!Our grandmother used to call us "little scholars" when we did well at school when we were small, and I know she'd say the same of her great granddaughter - she's as bright as a button - so it seemed a fitting title for the page.And this page quite simply marks her 3rd birthday. No give away at all that these were Christmas papers is there?
Speaking of Sarah's Cards, I do believe the April kit is now available here at the truly is a beauty this month, and if you're a fan of butterflies (and hell, who isn't?!), this little gem of a kit is for you. Here's a teeny peak at what I got up to with it :)

Ta for looking :) xxxx


Carol said...

Morning Nat! Just been having a catch up, beautiful cards and layouts as always. Can't believe that Ellie is going to Nursery where'd that time go? Steve and Sian are in your neck of the woods today so hope that sun is still shining!!

Take care girlie and its lovely to see you back in the land of blog - don't forget, I'm still waiting for that email!!!!!!!!roflxx

Have a fab weekend xx

Gemma* said...

Lovely Nat! Did you know shimelle has an online crop this weekend at come and join us :)

Cee in SF said...

Hey! I always love reading and looking at your work. I'll use it to inspire a scrapbook for a co-worker who is leaving after 30 years. Yikes!

Hope you're doing well!

Caroline and Jayne said...
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Caroline and Jayne said...

Try again :)
Beautiful work Nat. Time just flies, I remember when your neice was just born !!!
Jayne xx

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