Monday, March 23, 2009

Mother's Day

Aww it was Mother's Day yesterday. I love my mum so much, and this year I am especially thankful to be able to call such a strong, caring, inspirational and wonderful woman my mother. She is always there for me and has helped me through the toughest of times. Love you mum.

I made her this card, and the mini wall hanging I shared a few posts ago. I wish I could buy my mum the world, but until then, I think little handmade and heart felt gifts like this show her just how much she means to me.

Hope all the mummy's out there had a lovely day xxx


jay670120 said...

Love your card and your mum sounds fabby xxx

Gems said...

That card is really pretty sweetie, bet your Mummy loved it! She's lucky to have such a lovely girly as you as her daughter :o) xxx