Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well a belated happy new year to you all!

Christmas harboured a few, erm...... "surprises" shall we say, for me, and as a result I am left wondering what 2009 will hold for me.

Anyway, not much time to dwell on things as it's manic as ever here with lots of pressures and work at uni, and I'll be starting my second teaching practice next week - eek! Those poor lil kiddies!

Made use of my new hobby for some Christmas pressies, they were well received - it's lovely to have people who appreciate stuff you're in to. I'd made one for my sis, and showed it to my mum, and she was like "awwww I hope you're going to make me something"........and my sis did exactly the same when I showed her what I made my mum lol!

I made Ellie these donuts to accompany the cupcakes, and her new play kitchen :)

Made this pyjama-rama style kitty for my sis.....
and her lil friend for Gems.....And finally, my mum loves Elephants so I made her this lil girlie....What I find is amazing is that I've only been crocheting a few weeks, and Santa found the time to organise and leave a lil something like this in a funky purple for me in my stocking at my mum's house: And this fab book for me at Gem's house....Which just goes to show Santa has his little elfin spies everywhere :) So far I've done the ever so cute baby hedgehog, but he's living at my mum's house at the moment, keeping the elephant company! Will have to nab him back to take his photo!

The New DT have started unveiling their work over at the Sarah's Cards blog, so have a peep if you're in need of some inspiration :)

Catch up with you all soon xxx


Gemma* said...

that heffalump's sooo cute :) i saw a cute giraffe on flickr too . . . but all looks waaayy to complicated for me! can't believe you did all that in just a few weeks! happy new year, hope it all turns out ok :)

Gemma* said...

link to the cutie giraffe:

Gems said...

Your crocheted things are fab and I love my kitty :o) She sits on my craft desk guarding my Thickers lol. Glad you liked your book too! :o)


Cee in SF said...

I cannot stand how cute they are! I love them. I wish I had some sort of crafty award for you. I'll have to think of something...

Happy New Year!

jay670120 said...

WOW you can crochet ..I am naff at it !
I have tagged you but its no ordinary tag you have to show the 6th photo in your photos folder check my blog for more details, I dont like tags but thought this one was fun :D