Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Yup, I pimped my blog :)

Been needing a lil make over for a while but was put off by the thought of loosing all my links and badges, until I heard about this site where they do templates that don't affect any of that. And I happened to find this lil template there which perfectly fitted my existing header, so that saved me a job in making a new one there! As it happened, I did loose my badges and my counter, so had to have a fiddle replacing them, and played about with font colours etc but, voila, here it is :) Hope you will be happy visiting!

Made a card last night, I originally started it as a Get Well Soon card for a colleague who's having an op this week, but then realised it's my Aunt's birthday Monday so it will be winging it's way to her instead :) It did not turn out at all like I envisaged, as usual lol, but I think it's a grower.

And here are a few (read: loads!) snaps of my niecey-baby on Halloween. Such a cute lil witch, although we all know that she's really a little devil!

Hope you have all had a safe Guy Fawkes night! I love the sight of fireworks but am a bit nervous of them so have watched the pretty lights across the city from the warmth and safety of my lounge window! I have got a bit of a chest cold starting, so snuggling in with some hot chocolate was probably the best option for me anyway!
Catch you later xxx


Gems said...

That card is gorgeous hun - really love it!
And those pics of Ellie belly are just lovely.
Try and get some cutie ones of the two of them together in the party on Sunday for me. I'm gutted I can't come.
The blog is looking good chick.
Hope you feel a bit better soon xxx

Cee in SF said...

The little one is adorable! And the blog looks pretty spiffy!

Carol said...

Hiya Flower - love the new look blog! I can't believe that Ellie will be 2 shortly - where'd that time go?
love all of your recent stuff - gorg! xx