Monday, April 07, 2008


I'm having a lovely Easter break! I'm embarrassed to say this but I could get used to this lifestyle if only I didn't have to go back to uni! I've had lots of time to meet and catch up with friends over lunches, evening meals and a few bottles of wine!

My Aunt and Uncle came down from London last week - it was lovely to see them and their pooch. The poor dog was petrified of the wooden floor in both my mum's house (where they stayed the week) and here, so she had a hell of a week and was very glad to be returning to her carpeted home, bless her little paws!

The lovely Gems came over on Friday for some much needed scrapping and gossiping. She's been such a busy bunny creatively and it was lovely to see what she's been up to. I hadn't scrapped in ages, and managed to finish two pages. Yeah, get me!

This first one had got THE cutest pics on it! The story basically is that my niece is being a bit of a tinker at the mo, as toddlers generally are. My sis had been in her kitchen washing up and thought that Ellie was being a tad too quiet therefore had to be up to some sort of mischief in the lounge. To her surprise she found that she'd emptied half her toy box, climbed in with her blanky and made herself quite comfortable. Comfortable enough to be snoring! I just love her little feet poking over the side of the box!
The second one is just my sis and I gaffing about with the camera.
I must be on a roll now as I've done another page too but not got round to taking a pic, as well as a fourth layout, but I'm not convinced that it's finished just yet. Do you ever get that? It doesn't seem right and I'm not sure what to do with it, so it's sitting on my mantelpiece in the hope that inspiration will strike, via my chimney!

I had a night out on Saturday, so highlighted my hair that morning as it was well overdue for touching up (ooh er missus - you know what I mean!). I do it myself with those Loreal two-tone things, and it always works well and usually I'm happy with it. However, I don't know what happened this time but I am now sporting Banana-yellow locks. Nice, if you're a monkey and like that kind of thing.

Well, I'm waiting for Miss Ellie Belly to arrive as she's having her first overnight stay with me tonight without her mommy. Wish me luck! She's here all day tomorrow too so hopefully I'll have some fun with her and she won't wear me out too much!

And just for your information, I did get my teeth into Jamie Oliver's bun's in the end lol. They were yummy, although a little sharp for my taste so I think I'll try 'em with apricot jam rather than marmalade next time.

Catch ya later xxxx


Cee in SF said...

How cute is Ellie in the box napping? Makes me want to curl up under my desk for one myself.

I'm sure the sleepover was a success and the pages are fun!

Gemma* said...

ha ha, who needs a bed when you've got a lovely big toybox! :) It's ages since I scrapped anything . . .

Taniwha said...

Ha, love the pics in the toybox! And I love your other LO too, fab stuff :) And I know what the 4th LO needs, it's obvious isn't it, ric-rac! Hahahaha!

Carol said...

Aww Nat, doesn't Ellie look so cute in there all tucked up! bless her.

Jamies buns! must have missed that one....

Great pages and so full of fun. I too leave things on the side awaiting inspiration - in my case, i usually then go and mess them up!! lolxx

Take care girlie, xx

jay670120 said...

Myself and my 2nd daughter azaria both think thats the cutest pic weve seen in a long time xxxx
I like what youve don with the pics too the L/O is fabby .
Isnt she getting bigger !!?? i remember when she was born feels like a few months !!!

Carol said...


For you fun tales and talented scrapbooking I've nominated you for an award - check out my blog for details xx