Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Return of the Blogger

Yup, I'm back.

I've wanted to blog for ages and had lots to say (lol) but not done so in a while primarily due to not having enough time, however something awful happened to Lee's family (I guess I should think of them as my family too after seven years) that I knew I could not simply leave out of my blog, but also made me feel bad about blogging about good things, if you know what I mean, and so I felt that I had to leave it for some time until the moment felt right.

Lee's teenage cousin tragically and suddenly passed away a few weeks ago. They are a very large, close knit family and of course it rocked them to their core, as it would to any family. The family received so many beautiful tributes from his school friends and local children from the area. His service was attended by so many people; hundreds had to stand outside the crematorium with speakers placed outside so that they could hear the service. Players from his favourite football team attended as a mark of respect. His untimely death brought, at least, some light to other families as his organs helped save the lives of a two year old baby and a mother of two. I hope that this will enable all those who loved him to remember him as a hero.

Otherwise, life has been ok. Lots going on that I wanted to blog about over the last month. Uni is ok, I'm settling in well there. I took some pics of my newly decorated study-come-craft room which I will share soon.

Halloween came and went. I'm not really one for Halloween - never really seen the point of it. I'd always thought it was to do with the occult and a night when spirits can cross over to our world (if you believe in that sort of thing) and not really something that should be partied about. Bah humbug me eh?! When we were kids we lived a forest in the middle of nowhere (which was scary enough on it's own!!) so did not have neighbours to go trick or treating, but we did have little parties at home where our mum would come up with spooky food concoctions that were supposed to be worms and guts and the such like, and we'd eat sweets and bob for apples. When we got older she'd take us out for a scary walk in the dark around the grounds where we lived, which was the site of an old mansion and reputed to be haunted. Cruel stuff or what?!! I'd almost pee my pants with fear, no kidding.

Anyway, having now moved into civilisation lol, I can't help but get involved with Halloween with all the cute little costume-clad kiddies that come knocking the door!! So, on the spur of the moment, I went all out last minute and completely decorated my porch with lights, glow in the dark ghouls and skeletons, bats and a spooky skull with light up eyes that was so scary it actually freaked me out and I ended up switching it off hahaha!!

My first trick or treater was this cute little girlie; here are some pics we took of her dressed up outside my Grandparents house.

Then it was her birthday a fortnight ago. This year really has flown. I'm so proud of my little niece and her mummy.
Despite all her new toys, her favourite blankie and bow-wow had to get in on the birthday action!
Gems and my sister came around for a spot of scrapping action on Saturday. We had a fab day as usual. It took me about an hour to find a photo I wanted to scrap, and at least another two to decide what papers to use, but eventually I finished it!! Since then I've done another two pages (yep, get me!!) but I'd hate to spoil you by showing you them all at once lol!!
The photo of the chocolate lift up to reveal the recipe on a little fake index card I made in my digital imaging software and printed onto photo paper.
Before I leave, I must indulge in a little grumble. I put diesel in my car this morning and it cost £1.08 per litre. Total craziness. When is it going to stop?
Right I hope to be back real soon for a bit of a catch up with everyone else's blogs now to see what I have missed, a mammoth task indeed! xxxx


Sarah aka Gertie said...

Hello stranger :-D

Hugs to you, Lee and his family, such a sad thing to happen but have to agree with at least something came good out of something so tragic.

Ellie looks so sweet in her little costume.

I think I need the recipe for those cakes, I can only manage fairy and rice krispy cakes LOL

Lovely layout as usual, can't wait to see the other 2.

Gemma* said...

Big hugs - sounds like things have been pretty stressful :( I am impressed you got some scrapping done , that cake looks yummy (shame I don't like peanut butter) see ya soon !

Aubrey Harns said...

Beautiful shots Nat! Glad to see you back. Your LOs are wonderful!