Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sunshine Days :)

Hurrah for the sun! It doesn't take away the pain of my newly acquired sprained ankle, but it sure makes me smile anyway!!!

The retreat was fab over the weekend; the hotel and food were lovely, classes were great and the company was amazing. I have not laughed so hard and so continuously in a long time - and swear I have sprained muscles in my side from doing so!! I really met some lovely new peeps and had a great time catching up with old buddies :)

Just a short blog from me - because I really really want to share this photo with you! It was complete fluke I think, due to the lovely light, but it's the sort of picture I always *long* to take but never seem to have the right ability/equipment/settings/subjects that keep still long enough to do so! I'm totally pants at portrait pics (hence all my close up still life shots I share with you all the time!!), but this is sooooo the type of pics I dream of taking, or at least I would if I was obsessed enough to actually dream about photography!

I hope it brings a little bit of warmth and sunshine in to your day too :)



Kirsty Wiseman said...

ooooooo super swish photography there!

Sarah aka Gertie said...

gorgoeus pic Nat.
Isla has that top 3-6 months,fits her lovely and shes 18 months LOL
Glad you had a great time and was the food better than the other place??? xx

Thirteen Pink Ladybirds said...

Owwww, she's too cute. Great pic, Nat. xx

Chrissie said...

Who is that uuuuuuugly child?


Depth of field and EVERYFINK. It's a fab it! I expect to see it cropping up on a wonderful scrapbook layout soon!

Anonymous said...

Fab photo. Cootie Patootie litlle baba

Gemma* said...

Wow, you even got that arty farty blurry background and everything!!!

Gem x

Anonymous said...

Aww great shot Nat! Ha Ashton has that top! In 0-3 months! xxx