Monday, August 20, 2007


Todays' HSMS prompt is plant. Here's one of the poor, weather beaten fuscias in my garden, just about one of the only things to have with stood all this wind and rain. The photo has been very obviously edited, but what do you expect on such a cold and grey day?!! :) Mil Lunares has very kindly nominated me for this "nice" award :)
In return, here are my three nominations for some of the nicest peeps in Blogland (it really is hard as everyone is lovely!),
Gemma and

Off work this week until Friday so despite all the running about and organising we seem to be doing at the moment due to my up-coming departure from the working world, I hope to fit in a spot of shopping and some scrapping! I've got just under four weeks left at work, so I've finally broken the news to some of the tenants, and I was actually quite touched at some of their reactions as a few of the boys were genuinely sorry that I was leaving, bless their hearts. It's nice to know that I've made some sort of difference to them during the years I've worked with them :)

Edited to add: Just been catching up on all my favourite blogs, which I haven't done for a couple of weeks, and noticed that my Funny Faces LO was posted here under Reader Submissions on the Multiphoto Layout gallery blog on Sugust 3rd. Cool! It's a great resource for multi-photo inspiration, check it out :)


Debbie said...

lovely picture - the colours are really vibrant!!

Gemma* said...

yay! I won a blog award - thanks!!! that fuschia is pretty even if it is edited - nothing wrong with artistic licence! Hope you have fun shopping!

Olivia said...

Ooh I absolutely love fuchsias!

Lin (Briar Patch) said...

Hi Nat, very sorry, cant really explain here but I have had to close both blogs to the public due to a 3rd party.

Lin xx

Sue Nicholson said...

Beautiful photo.

I edit nearly all mine :) I am a snapper and make them "better" in Photoshop. Goodness knows what will happen if I take an awesome photo one day :)


Louise said...

very nice - love fuchias

Vanda said...

What a beautiful fuschia Nat, your photo is stunning :O)

Louise said...

love the colours (even if they are edited).
Well done on getting in the readers gallery, and thanks for the link:)

Terrie said...

Edited but in such a lovely way.....the colours are gorgeous. Love it! X

Di said...

Awww, fanks for the award hun. Never won an award before, I'm touched! xx

Gorgeous shot of the fuchsias too and blimmin eck, I edit all my photos!!

pokettiger said...

Your fuscia is stunning. Such amazing color!

Cee in SF said...

Good luck w/ the work/school transition!