Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend Warblings


Thought I could do with a little photo-free catch up!

Not been up to too much, I seem to be going through one of those waves where my body if giving up the ghost against the night shifts again! I’m fine for the three days I have to work nights; I have no problem staying awake for the 12 hour shifts what so ever. The problem comes when my days off arrive and I just can’t get back in to a “normal” routine. So my days off this week have mostly been spent sleeping and feeling totally crap and run down, but then waking up at 4 am and having to get up as there’s no hope of returning to sleep. It’s driving me nuts to say the least! By three in the afternoon I’m totally pooped again, fall asleep until about eight, and then, of course can’t sleep properly through the night. It’s such a vicious circle, but I just can’t seem to break it. I can’t fight the tiredness – it’s so overwhelming.

Oooh, I had an email with a tracker thing for my stash order I was worried about– and it would appear that it did in fact hit British shores on Friday afternoon so it should be here soon. I’ve also read a few other blogs where people are waiting for over due orders from the US, so at least I’m not alone and not too worried now. At least it didn’t turn up over the weekend when Lee was home! Haha!

Due to my weird sleeping habits of late, Lee and I took Rocky for a moonlit walk along the Mumbles promenade on Friday night. I’m not sure if it was the lovely summery, balmy climate at 1.30 am, or the lack of appropriate sleep – but I dragged Lee in to the kiddies play park on the seafront, and spent about half an hour on the swings, slides, roundabout and climbing frames releasing my inner child! I have never laughed so much in my life. I’ve got a hefty frame at the best of times – so just picture that squeezing around play equipment designed for eight year olds. Fun times! I’m so glad the village was pretty deserted by that time – even the dog was giving us looks of disapproval!

Been busy today in the garden – it’ so exciting seeing things growing from the seeds we planted! I was up and out there by 4.30 am, as I couldn’t sleep and was totally restless, but given the scorching temps we’ve had today it was just as well as I couldn’t have got much done in that. The little thermometer I use to check my plants will still be happy was reading 37 degrees centigrade at one point. Scorchio!

Over the past couple of days, we’ve been able to have a really decent sized bowl of strawberries, more radish, we’ve just about got enough lettuce for a few decent bowls of salad and I can finally spot some tiny little sprouts which will be courgettes (in time) on the plants. I sew some more radish, lettuce and spring onion today too, to make sure we have a succession of crops to last the season. The tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and aubergines are all far off providing any crops as of yet – we’ve been set back a bit as our PVC greenhouse was severely mangled in the bad weather and is now unusable. I’ve made some make shift cloches for the aubergines from pop bottles, but once they out grow them I’m not sure what we’ll do. They really love the heat and I don’t think I’m going to be able to provide it for them. I’m stalking ebay, freecycle, and the freeads/adtrader for a proper greenhouse, but no luck as of yet.

We’ve also got some fruit trees – we’re waiting on some cherries to ripen (yumm!), and even our new little apple tree has some apples-to-be on it which I was really surprised at; as it’s in its first year they really should be removed so that the tree can concentrate on establishing it’s roots, but I’m enjoying watching them develop, it’s so rewarding! I may just leave two on there, there are four at the moment having already taken one away. Another thing I did today was take some cuttings from my rosemary bush as I’d love to grow it on and plant some more about the garden because I just love the smell!

‘Ark at me! I sound like a right Charlie Dimmock!! I really haven’t got a clue, it’s mostly trial and error and going on information form the fabby people over on The Grape Vine. It’s fun trying it all out anyway, an if we get some fruit or veg in the process, it will be a bonus!

So, despite the sleep interruptions, it’s been a pretty relaxing weekend. I’m looking after Ellie tomorrow as my sister has to do some overtime at work, so I’m really looking forward to some quality aunty-niece time, with lots of photos as I’ve not snapped her for a while! Her second tooth has come through so I’m hoping to catch a shot of her new toothy grin :) Also will be catching up on the HS:MS prompts from over the weekend, enjoying those so much, they really make you look closely at your surroundings. Fab.

Righty-oh then blogeroonies, catch up with you tomorrow. Here’s to a good week :)


Dawnie said...

I'll keep you company on those early mornings, Nat...I'm going through one of those spates when I can't stay asleep past 2:00a.m.too...and I can't even blame night shifts for that!!
Good luck with your gardening-I just eat the goodies produced in my daddy's garden-fresh new potatoes today!!

Penny aka Pennyk said...

Nat I can just imagine you in the play park! Hope you had loads of fun

Carrie-ann said...

What a gorgeous little girl x

Cee in SF said...

I'm excited that someone else is sewing and reaping. Gardening is so rewarding and relaxing, unless you have endless weeds to pull like us :-( Plus, midnight park strolls - how fun! As for trying to sleep, won't the doc prescribe something for you??