Monday, June 04, 2007

Sniffle sniffle! Cough cough!!

Thought I better have a mini-catch up before you all think I've deserted my blog!! Truth is, for the fourth time in two months, I've come down with another yucky lurgy and have been pretty worn out the last two days. I just don't know what is going on with my body and it's lack of resilliance to bugs at the moment!

Speaking of which, I switched on my camera to upload the picture below, only to find a sneaky little pic Lee had taken of me yesterday, deep in flu-enduced sleep on the sofa, with a tissue stuffed up my nose to save me constantly wiping it!! It's a technique I find most handy when trying sleep with a runny nose!! I toyed with the idea of sharing the pic with you all, but decided the world is not ready to see the vision of my greasy-haired, sweaty-faced, snotty, tissue-stuffed, cold-ridden sleeping self!!

Anyway, what I have managed to get up to through the sniffles and in the short time I've managed to stay awake is a card for my brother in laws' birthday today. I used the freebie Cherry Arte papers from a recent copy of Scrapbook Inspirations, and it's based on a sketch from the Card Positioning Systems site - so you could quite easily call me a cheap skate and a cheat, lol, but all in all it was a quick and easy way to bang together a card when I was feeling lousy!! It looked ok in real life, the pic,as usual, makes it look a bit naffer than it really was :)
Looking forward to catching up tomorrow with all the HS:MS photo prompts that I've missed over the weekend, especially as two of the prompts are starting to be found amoungst all our recent hard work in the garden!!! We ate our first home grown produce this week!! Ok - so it was only one tiny radish, and one strawberry, but it was so exciting and satisfying to know that we'd grown these ourselves!!! And they were delicious - I don't usually like radish and grew it at Lee's insistance, but I must admit, it tasted lovely!!

It's a big relief that the word is now out at work that I'll be leaving in September; I had a lovely appraisal and my team leader was very supportive of my decision to head to higher education.

I have also had an amazing offer/news this week which I'm excited about and hopefully can share with you really soon! Stay tuned bloggeroonies!!!



Chrissie said...

Share away Nat, share away :D

Thirteen Pink Ladybirds said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, Nat. Can't wait to hear your exciting news. xx

Gail said...

Get well soon! Those CherryArte papers were a great free gift - nice card you made.

Aubrey Harns said...

I hope you feel better soon Nat - I was wondering where you were. Blessings!