Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Path & Polish!

More pics inspired by Her Space: my Space, hope you enjoy!

Path: A track laid down to walk upon
I was pretty uninspired by my first pic of my grey, concrete flagstone path after seeing the gorgeous shots that everyone came up with yesteday. However, I love the way these prompts really make you look at the details in the world around you, and I found this great subject for my second shot! Part of me wondered whether it was cheating, as the path then became the backdrop for the picture rather than the subject, but then what the heck?! Post it anyway I thought - after all the blog is designed to inspire rather than dictate :)

Polish - Something to add, to decorate or protect.
Here it is - I needed the tripod for this one!!
Thanks for looking blogeroonies xxx


Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Those are all fab photos. Love them :D

Jen said...

wow, love the path ones! i thought about doing similar for polish - how did you use both hands for the photo and click the shutter??!

Lin said...

Love the polish one, I always always forget about the timer on my camera. Fab idea (and lovely nails, I'm soooo jealous!)

pokettiger said...

Great photos. Smart thinking using the tripod. I resorted to photographing polishing my big toe so that I had one hand free to snap the photo.

marie said...

wow fab shots

Aubrey Harns said...

These are all super shots. I love the colors in the polish photo. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Great photos hun :o) Love the polish one xx