Saturday, April 07, 2007



Just a little note to say howdy doody really - I'm working six nights on the trotty trot trot to ensure I have the time off for the retreat next week (so excited!!) so I will try to get recent some photos up if I have time over the next few days between slaving away and catching some zzzz's :)

Had a great weekend last week when my aunty Jean and Uncle Bob came down to stay for a few days and meet little Ellie. Will post pics soon. Have also been a busy bee making the most of this darn fine weather we're having at the moment by busying about in the garden....we've got some lovely new plants for the balcony, including a palm tree and some strawberry plants. They are ALREADY flowering so it's looking good for delicious juicy strawbs come the summer months!! There's talk about getting a Decked area too, it all depends on how the sums all add up but it would be lovely!

Making good headway with the dratted NVQ and have whizzed through two units already. I'm such a swotty botty! It's harder than I thought it was going to be though and I was quite infuriated by it earlier this week. Poo bum. Still, writing essays has been a good excuse to sit out in the garden in the sunshine!! Thanks for all the lovely messages and emails of encouragement and reassurance I've had about the impending uni interview xxx

And the final news is that it was weighing-in time again on the Paul McKenna System on Wednesday - and the good news is that I've now lost a total of 13lbs!! And it feels as if I've hardly made any effort! It's coming off slowly, but surely, and you can't get better than that. Gotta love it!!!!

Speak soon my buddies xxxxx


Thirteen Pink Ladybirds said...

13lbs!!!? Brill! That's so fantastic.

I've just kicked the fags (12 weeks now, with Paul McKenna, of course) and I'm ready to shift some weight. Are you on the UKS Paul McKenna thread? If so, I'll be there soon!

Good on you, Nat. Well done... xx

Sarah aka Gertie said...

Well done with the weight loss Nat :-)
See you Thursday at the retreat, getting dead excited me LOL!!!

Beth said...

Woo, well done with the weight Nat, that's brill honest. Also with starting for the NVQ. You can do it lovely. See you soon. XX

Cee in SF said...

Congrats on the weight loss. It's no easy task, but sounds like you're doing great!

Also, good luck with your education. Essays are no fun, but if you have to, might as well do it laying out in the sun!!

Di said...

13lbs NAT........that is FABIDOODLY BRILLIANT hun!!!! Go girl, good for you.

Keep up the good work with the NVQ too but go and enjoy that retreat.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the weight loss- fab achievement