Monday, April 23, 2007

A Bit On the Side!!

As well as the main classes on offer at the retreat, we also had the opportunity to book on to some extra mini classes taught by the fabby Vanessa from Craftyness.

I opted to take her Starbook and Lariat Necklace classes - and love them both to bits!!

I can't wait to make another Lariat (you should have seen us all at the retreat in them - the ordinary holiday makers at the hotel must have thought we were all members of some secret society waltzing around in our strings of crystal beads!)

Although I had some technical difficulties with the star book (due to generally not listening to the folding instructions carefully lol!!) and thought it was going to be absolutely knickers by the time I'd finished, I now absolutely love it and think they'd be a great alternative to greeting cards. The eclectic style Paper Artsy stamps and German Scraps (the gold embellishments) we played with were really fun. We even painted up all the decorative paper and tags that we used - they looked a bit naff at first (hence the thinking it was going to be pants) but it was amazing how the stamping over them totally transformed them!! Fabby!!!


Cee in SF said...

That's a clever looking book. I couldn't see the pix of the lariats, but I'm sure they're fun and sparkley.

Nat xxx said...

Curious and curiouser! I could see them fine at home when I made the post, but not now at work. That said, Blogger was acting a bit strange when I uploaded them! And it's behaved soooo well for so long!! Will sort out the pics asap :) xxx

Beth said...

Hi lovely, I lurve the tags, not sure if I'm into the german stuff, but when I see it all jazzed it, it certainly does take on a different look, so I may give it a go. I couldn't see the lariats either lovely, tried refreshing page, but still 3 "x" in a box. Will check back, probably norty blogger on the norty juice again, lol.

Anonymous said...

such scrumminess

Di said...

Wow Nat, gorgeous work as always.

I'm afraid I can't see the other pics either....what a shame, blogger up to it's old tricks again!!

Claire said...

WOW what a wonderful book - tags what a fabby idea, looks wonderful well done you!

Bex said...

I can see most of the pictures and your work is stunning!
So bright and colourful


Caroline said...

Lovely Nat - love the colours.
I can only see a few photos too - but what I can see looks fabbydabby!