Thursday, April 19, 2007

All about me!!

I love all psychology-type things, and took this personality test today! I thought the results it gave me were really cool, it described my personally to a T, so if you want to know all about what makes me tick, read here and here! Best of all, my fellow "INFJ" personality types include Mother Theresa, Ghandi and Martin Luther king - so if you have any global, social or economic wrongs to right - I'm your gal!!

Try it for yourself - I'd love to hear what personality type you are and if you think it's an accurate description of how you perceive yourselff !!


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Cee in SF said...

I'm an ENTJ - FieldMarshal. It was bizarrely accurate.

"...Fieldmarshals will usually rise to positions of responsibility and enjoy being executives. They are tireless in their devotion to their jobs and can easily block out other areas of life for the sake of their work. Superb administrators in any field -- medicine, law, business, education, government, the military -- Fieldmarshals organize their units into smooth-functioning systems, planning in advance, keeping both short-term and long-range objectives well in mind."

I've got Bill Gates, Napoleon, Margaret Thatcher, and Carl Sagan as fellow ENTJs.